Combining Two Power Houses: Why SEO Is All About Content Marketing

SEO and content marketing may seem like an unlikely pair and it’s easy to understand why. They seem so different, almost incompatible, and combining the two seems more of a hassle. We see SEO as being directed more to the mechanics of your digital strategy and we think it is the technical side of your marketing efforts. It focuses on your website infrastructure, the design and performance whereas content marketing can be quickly summarised as content usage online.

In the digital marketing world, many of us still tend to see them as two different facets and lose the chance to amplify our efforts because combined they can be the tactical decision you need to succeed. As SEO specialists, we at The Weblab understands the value of using the two together and explores this combination more in this blog.

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The common misconception is accelerated by our understanding of each. We see SEO and content marketing as two completely different marketing tools and rarely ever consider integration. These two are developed to blend – SEO can be seen as the base of which content marketing can spring off.

So how do we understand these coinciding aspects and why have we ignored the connection for so long? Simply put, SEO and content marketing have always been categorised by size. Viewing SEO as a limited tool that works behind the scenes, so to say, and content marketing as more of an unlimited aspect that can be easily adjusted. However, here is where the two can be combined – SEO can expand technically into content marketing and vice versa. But how does this solve the connection problem?

SEO Specialist connection

Essentially, there are three ways to overcome the disconnect as explained further.

Focus On The Content

Whether you have realised it or not, SEO needs content and this is where content marketing comes in. They are interdependent tools and content connects them.

Think About The Keywords

SEO is dependent on keywords and that requires analysis, research and tracking to find the right fit to ensure you rank higher up on SERPs. And where do you implement these keywords? In content marketing.

Update Frequently

SEO is only as effective as the content on your website. Older content pushes you to the back, affecting your ranking on SERPs and this is why a steady stream of output is vital. This is dependent on your content marketing and your consistent uploading of content to increase your rankings.

With the right team consisting of  SEO specialists and content marketers, you can ensure your digital strategy makes a difference online. Integration is key in optimising your efforts and we can help you at The Weblab. Give us a call today.