What is Facebook Retargeting? And How to Launch a Successful Campaign

If you dabble in the world of social media marketing strategy and management, you may have heard of the term ‘Facebook retargeting’.  This term refers to creating a target audience for a Facebook ad campaign, made up of people that have already shown interest in your business by visiting your website.

Never set up a retargeting campaign before? Not to worry, below is a simple, step-by-step guide for setting up your first campaign.

#1 Select ‘Audiences’, in Your Facebook Ads Manager

If you already have a Facebook account for business ads, log into your ads manager account. Click on Business Manager and then click on Audiences once you’ve found it in the drop-down menu.

#2 Create a Custom Audience

Your next step is to click on Create Audience, which should appear in the top left-hand corner of your screen. Now select Custom Audience, which will allow you to create an audience of people that have already shown interest in your business.

#3 Choose Website Traffic

You’ll notice that you have many options when creating your custom audience, but choose Website Traffic to target potential customers who have already found their way onto your website.

#4 Get Specific

You will be able to go into further detail about who exactly you’d like to target. You can target people who viewed specific pages on your site, people who visited for a certain amount of time as well as custom combinations. We’ll leave this step up to you and your social media team.

#5 Place Pixel Code on Your Website

A pixel code is an essential part in the retargeting process. A pixel code essentially tracks the visitors you get to your site and gets information from them. It works by placing a transparent pixel on each of your web pages and if a viewer views this pixel, they have viewed the specific page on your site.
To get your pixel code, you’ll need to select the retargeting campaign you’ve just created and click on Actions, and then View Panel. Here you will be able to access your pixel code which you can place on your site and start tracking your viewers!

Tips for a Successful Facebook Retargeting Campaign

The most important part of your retargeting campaign is effective planning. You’ll need to have a budget, as well as one or more ads in place before you start the retargeting process. Decide what message you want to send out to your new, retargeted audience and create an ad that is eye-catching and will cause viewers to look twice.

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