Web design trends we hope to see left behind in 2017.

2017 was all-in-all a pretty good year as far as web design goes. It brought us many new, modern ideas and features that have now become standard in the web design process and we saw many big changes with regards to social media and branding. 2017 was the year that popularised SVGs, Flexbox and Microinteractions after all.

But despite its merits, there are a few lackluster, impractical and some just downright annoying design trends that we saw a rise in 2017- and we’d like to see them left there. Here are a few of our least favourite.

Desktop Hamburgers

This cheesy design trend was one of the least user-friendly to come out of 2017. Although it actually started a few years back- Facebook’s mobile app boosted this trend’s popularity exponentially. The trend gets its name after its 3-lined menu. The hamburger menu is actually great for mobile sites, but that’s where it should stay. Because of the desktop version’s change in horizontal space- the layout becomes confusing and often limiting to the user on the desktop site.


In 2017 it seemed as if many web designers were trying to showcase every trending element on a site, such as CTAs, background videos, floating toolbars etc. But the overuse of these elements create a cluttered and disorganised feel, and would leave website visitors feeling confused as they had to battle to navigate their way to the content that they’re searching for. Remember that not every visitor to your site is a technologically gifted teen: you also need to cater for the elderly and those new to the world wide web.

Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling is hugely popular on retail sites and lets you scroll into infinity and beyond as the page continues to load products and content. The main downside to this is that users can become easily disorientated on the page and may not be able to find content that previously caught their eye. It’s been proven that infinite scrolling is overwhelming for most users. It is definitely a trend that we can safely ditch.

Video Backgrounds

While these can be engaging, they use up a ton of data and can increase your page loading time. Video backgrounds can also be distracting and if they are not of top-notch quality, they can easily be deterring. While videos can be a great tool in other parts of your site, a background video on the homepage is not always the best choice.

Identical Templates

While there is nothing wrong with DIY sites, there are many sites that are beginning to look like identical twins because of all the free templates and stock images out there. Increasingly similar company profile design also seems to be an unwelcome trend. When creating your site, make sure that you have at least a few original elements incorporated so that you give your viewers a lasting impression and you stand out from the crowd.

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