The User Comes First – Creating User Experiences That Last.

How a visitor experiences your website will not only determine whether they will return or not, but it will also influence what they think about your brand, your products, and your overall image. Let’s take a look at why your web design in Durban should aim to create a user experience that lasts.

When it comes to web design, there are so many aspects to consider. It’s not only about the look and layout anymore – it’s all about creating a user experience and allowing your visitors to enjoy the time they spend browsing your products and services. But how do you accomplish that?

As a company that has over 10 years of experience with website design in Durban, our job is to make sure that users not only enjoy what they are seeing but want to come back for more. The only way you are going to accomplish this is by creating a user experience that they will remember. Although it may sound basic, there are a few crucial aspects that designers should keep in mind – there is a lot of competition out there, so you have to pay attention to the finer details.

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what is user experience?

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User experience or UX design is the process of creating the best possible journey for the user to follow seamlessly and is simple to understand. UX does not only look at the interface however, and also looks at how the user experiences the website through the branding, design, its usability and of course function. The user must always be first when designing a website before anything else.

The Importance of Peak Moments

We find that it’s important to create peak moments where a user will really enjoy their experience – so much so that it becomes memorable. This is what carries emotional weight and what will make them return for more. We look to give your users something unexpected that they can only discover and hopefully, tell their friends about it. Remember your users are not robots and are looking for an enjoyable experience suited to them. Google says it well here:

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Make It Accessible


Website accessibility looks at designing websites that are accessible and usable by everyone. This means designing websites that are more accessible to people with disabilities so that no one is excluded. Besides looking out for users with disabilities, making your website more accessible can include making your website more customisable ie. allowing users to change the website’s font, font size, colour, alignment and so much more. AccessiBe has a great software that enables you to improve your website accessibility for all and even we use it!

Design a Story

Even if you’re a sceptic of storytelling, it’s a proven formula that works. Just look at the best original best screenplays of the 21st century. What’s important about all these popular movies was their story and their take on the human experience. People break down an experience into individual moments, to create a sequence, a story.

We use experience mapping or journey mapping to apply this to your web design practices. We visualise how your visitors will experience your product or service. Where they will experience their peak moments? The memory of an experience, along with the experience itself, is closely related. Slow down, take care of your visitors and give them what they came for. Finally, make sure the ending is satisfying.

Unsure of how to improve the user experience of your site and need some help to revamp or create your perfect website? We can help! The Weblab specialises in professional web design in Durban. For more information about our web design services and how we create awesome user experiences, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.