Top 10 SEO Companies In South Africa

Ready to start getting your website and business ranking high on Google through search engine optimisation? Before you can even start thinking about ranking you need to make sure that you’re hiring the best of the best SEO companies to strategise and optimise your website for search engines. 

In this article, we’ve set about saving you the research by naming some of the best SEO companies in South Africa. These companies have the experience and proven results to grow your business while constantly staying on top of current trends and the ever-changing nature of Google’s algorithm.

If you’re still unsure if any of these companies will fit your business, we give some advice about how to find the cream of the crop further down in this article.

Now let’s take a look at the top 10 SEO companies in South Africa.  

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SEO companies

  1. The Weblab

The Weblab has been helping South African’s grow their online presence since 2009 and we have grown in experience and our offering since then. Our number one goal is to see actions and goals being met on your site, therefore if you’re not seeing profits then we’re not doing our job. Working closely with you, our team will create a comprehensive plan to expand your reach across multiple online avenues, beating out your competition while doing so. We can do it all, including copywriting, managing paid ads, web design, social media management and much more, to fully optimise your business online.

  1. SEO Studio

Like other SEO companies in South Africa, SEO Studio will conduct a free SEO audit to understand which keywords your site currently targets and determines the quality of content on your site. Using this they will form a strategy to optimise your on-page SEO to increase your visibility and improve off-page SEO to make you an authority website in your field.

  1. SEO Pros

SEO Pros are a team of marketing experts that focus on each individual client and have experience in a range of different industries. They focus on creating quality content and quality links to boost your SEO. Transparency is a key value for SEO Pros, therefore they always ensure they are just a phone call away with sound advice or updates on your website.

  1. Code Pilot

Following white hat SEO tactics, Code Pilot ensures that all their SEO practices are not only up to date with Google’s algorithm, but follows Google’s best practices across all their SEO services. Code Pilot will plan your keywords, conduct a competitor analysis and implement a solid SEO strategy. 

  1. Ruby Digital

As your virtual online marketing department, Ruby Digital will work closely with you to develop and meet your business goals. With 10 years in the digital space, they understand how businesses have trouble navigating the online space and want to create a lasting digital footprint for your business to build success from. They specialise in SEO, paid search, web development, content marketing, email marketing and more.

  1. Casson

With 10 years in the business, Casson has the experience to keep up with key industry changes to keep you ahead of the game. As a Google Premium Partner, they specialise in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Shopping, YouTube advertising and SEO consulting, with experience in web design and user experience as well. 

  1. P.tch

Based in Johannesburg, Pitch focuses on optimising your mobile experience first. They also believe that your brand needs a social media presence to support your SEO strategy and will help you grow it. They pride themselves in their 7 step SEO method to improve your ROI.

  1. Storyteller

Storyteller focusses on bringing traffic to your site, which will hopefully turn into leads that turn into sales. Based in Cape Town, Storyteller offers a range of online services including web design, SEO, paid ads and social media management. Specialising in small and medium-sized businesses, Storyteller customises each digital marketing strategy directly for their clients.

  1. Blue Cabin

Blue Cabin is an SEO focussed company that aims to take your business from just surviving to thriving. Using SEO and paid ads they have seen hundreds of happy clients find success online. Since their beginning in 2015 they have been found to have a 98% client retention rate and have several international clients under their belt.

  1. SEO-SA.com

Our SEO company is based in Johannesburg, Gauteng and has a team of 3 Internet Marketers assisting with link building, article writing, blog outreach, web design, and more. We comply with Google’s algorithm updates and we use safe SEO practices at all times. 

How To Select The Best SEO Company In South Africa For Your Project?

SEO companies in South Africa

With the wide range of choices available it can be difficult to choose one SEO company from another. Here are some quick things to look out for when choosing from the different SEO companies in South Africa.

  1. Do they have the services and specialities you’re looking for?

Do some research into what services and specialities your business will be needing. For example, if you’re looking for a professional SEO company, their services should include SEO-optimised content, link building, local SEO and keyword research.

  1. Do they have real client testimonials?

Look out for what previous clients have said. These should be included somewhere on their site in the form of something like Google reviews.

  1. They have a full portfolio or case studies

Professional SEO companies in South Africa will include examples of previous work in the form of a portfolio or case study (combining both a testimonial and an example of previous work). This way you can see the particular style your SEO company follows and whether or not they have experience in industries similar to yours.

  1. Industry-specific experience

Speaking about experience. Try and find out if the SEO company you are interested in has experience in your industry. It will be a lot easier if they already have experience as they can give you solid advice and you won’t need to waste time explaining your industry’s needs and wants.

  1. A defined SEO process

Look out for hints into what their SEO process entails and whether they have a set process or not. This information might not be widely shared on their website, due to keeping competition from getting ideas, but it’s important to talk about this process at some point before hiring your SEO company.  

Ready to take the next step and choose an SEO company to partner with? At The Weblab we have worked with a variety of businesses in different industries, where we’ve helped see growth. Need to learn more about how SEO can benefit your business? Schedule a free strategy call today to find out more!