The Top PPC Metrics You Need To Be Tracking!

In this blog, PPC ads experts at The Weblab highlight the top PPC metrics, critical to campaign success, which need to be tracked.

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Top Of The List Is The Click

top ppc metrics

Oh, that famous click every marketer seeks. Yes, on the top of the PPC metrics list, tracking the number of times a PPC Advert is clicked on is the most important metric to track. Low clicks mean low success rate, high click amounts mean your campaign is successfully soaring. Along with clicks, impressions are also important in improving brand awareness.

When it comes to clicks, monitoring click trends and variations is important. An increase in click volume will indicate further opportunities while a decrease in click volume will indicate issues in your campaign. Increased clicks mean you can capitalize on enhanced search volume, heightened budgets and aggressive keywords. If a slump in clicks occurs, you’ll need to change up your text and keywords and implement more out-the-box PPC ads.

Then Click-Through Rate (CTR) Comes In Second Place

While the click metric focuses on how many clicks are done, the click-through rate refers to how often – the number of times – a PPC advert is clicked on compared to how often it is shown. You want many clicks, and you want them often! Simply put, CTRs measure how often your PPC ads are shown online in comparison to how often these ads are clicked on. With CTRs, it is important to remember that this metric varies from week to week, day to day and month to month. Evaluate your CTR on a keyword level as well as an ad level.

Here is a simple formula to understand how your click through rate is worked out:

CTR formula

Following In Third Place Is Cost Per Click (CPC)

Cost Per Click is a vital metric to track. Cost per click means the average amount you spend per click. Keeping an eye out on CPC trends is important as well as implementing competitive keywords. Using longer-tail keywords will ensure you attract more targeted traffic and upping your maximum bids will help your PPC campaign keywords to stay competitive. CPCs are also a fantastic metric to use if you require determining your maximum budget to reach a particular conversion goal.

top ppc metrics

In Fourth Place Is Quality Score

Measuring a PPC campaign in terms of quality score is important. Google determines the quality score. Google measures the quality and relevance of your PPC ads, your landing pages as well as your keywords to determine your quality score. With this metric, you must always aim for a top-quality score, and if not, keywords and ad relevance needs to change.

Here are some of the factors that are used to work out your quality score:

Impression Share Follows In Fifth Position

In the fifth position on the PPC metric list is impression share. Tracking your PPC campaign in terms of how often your adverts are displayed for its keywords will help you determine if your keywords are on point or should be changed.

In Sixth Place Is The Conversion Rate

conversion rate

So, you’re getting many clicks but are you receiving many sales? The conversion rate relates to how often clicks result in sales. If you’re getting many clicks, but your conversion rate is low, this means your PPC campaign needs tweaking.

Other Metrics To Track

To ensure a successful PPC ads campaign, other metrics need to be tracked. From cost per conversion and total conversion value, to Return on Ad Spend, be sure to understand and implement these, and other metrics, within your PPC ads campaign. Neil Patel mentions, in a helpful article, some PPC metrics you can ignore and extra metrics to keep in mind.

Track Us Down If This Is All Just Too Confusing

To find the top PPC metrics, while seemingly easy, is very complicated. We, therefore, recommend that you contact our PPC experts at The Weblab to do the monitoring for you. We’re able to provide a more detailed breakdown of each PPC metric and track PPC campaigns for increased success and profitability. Whether it’s ad-specific PPC metrics, results-based PPC metrics or keyword-specific PPC metrics, our team can help you! Contact us today for actionable information and tracking that boosts the profitability of your campaigns!