Telkom 4G LTE issues causing emails to not download.

This is just a quick post to hopefully help some of my clients that are experiencing issues picking up email on the Telkom LTE network. But maybe it will assist you too! Please note that this post was written quickly to get the workaround solution I found to my clients. If you are from the Grammar Police then please vacate my blog as you don’t have a warrant to be here ūüôā

I recently signed up for¬†a Homecloud¬†(a Telkom affiliate) package, and when I finally got my router I decided I was going to test out my awesome new speeds! However I had to wait for Eskom to restore the power in my area first…

As soon as the power was back on I plugged everything in and started doing speedtests to see where I would get the best signal from in my flat. Only to find that my average download speeds were between 8 and 12mbs and upload speeds were around 1.5mbs… I was expecting at least 20mbs of download speed and would be happy with around 3mbs of upload speed, I didn’t think it was too much to ask for?…So I thought nothing much of it and carried on testing. The more I tested the more¬†I found that the network seemed to be VERY intermittent, with speeds jumping all over the place like my cat when I bring out the red laser to play.

So I left the speed tests, and found a corner of my flat that had given me the best average speeds and got the router looking decent for its long 2 year stay.

However as soon as I started working on my laptop I found that I ran into¬†an issue…

I couldn’t pick up emails…

Emails are something I have experience with as I have many clients that use my email and hosting services for their businesses. However it didn’t matter what I tried, I just could not get them to download… My computer was not connecting to my server or it was not being granted access somewhere along the line to download my emails. After speaking to my host guys and troubleshooting I managed to find a quick fix solution.

Turn 3G on instead

So I called Homecloud Solutions technical department to see what the deal was after reading some shocking stories on this website  about people having LTE issues for the last month and still nothing had been done for them to resolve their issues.

After talking to a technician he suggested that I turn the router onto 3G only when I wanted to access my emails and then turn it back onto 4G when I wanted to watch por…. I mean movies online…

I found that this work around worked for me and I managed to pick up my emails again while Telkom works on my issue and tries to get me running (fully) on 4G. So maybe it will work for you too while you place a complaint with Telkom to try get the service you are paying for to work properly.

Anyway now that my rant is over I will try assist you with switching your router to use 3G instead of 4G. Please note that I will only be referring to the Huawei B315 router that I have received from Homecloud on my specific package, and 3G is a lot slower than 4G Lte!

Step 1

You will need to login to your router. You should find the IP address underneath your router however if you have the same router it should be Place this IP address into your browser and hit enter, you should see the below screen.

Now click on LOGIN on the top right hand side of your screen and use your custom details or the standard factory details underneath the router. Standard username and password will both be the word “admin” without the inverted commas, and all small letters. If you have changed the original details and have forgotten them please don’t contact us to try assist you with locating them, we can’t assist you.

Step 2

Ok not that you are hopefully logged in you will need to go to SETTINGS then on the left hand side you must select DIAL-UP and then NETWORK SETTINGS and you should see the below page.

Step 3

Now you need to change the Network Preferred Mode to 3G only and then click on APPLY. Don’t worry¬†about the pop-up message you get, click on OK.

This may cause you to get logged out of the router once completed. Please login again and then go to SETTINGS and SYSTEM this time and then click on REBOOT and hopefully this resolves your email issue.

Please don’t forget to lay a complaint with Telkom so that they can get working on your issue for you. I found a Facebook message was the fastest way to get some answers and help. Good luck!

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