Stationary Design

Stationary Design Project For Heavy Endurance

A new branding project just completed. Heavy Endurance contacted us looking for a logo design and branding solution. We offered them our logo design special package and after getting the logo out of the way, we moved onto their stationery design. This is a new company and they had no previous logo or branding that had been done, after getting their requirements we got to work and this is the branding concept we came up with for them. Needless to say they really liked their new look and we think we did a pretty good job if we must say so ourselves 🙂

The services they made use of were:

Would you believe that they got all of the above for under R10 000 in total cost? We aim to please, so contact us for your next website design project, logo project or stationery design needs. We work with new companies from the ground up, and supply them with a professional solution.

Stand out from your competitors by getting it done right the first time around!