Small website changes that make a BIG difference.

Websites have the potential to skyrocket your company into successful oblivion or leave viewers feeling indifferent- and it it’s all up to you to choose which option you’d prefer.

Luckily, ensuring that you have an effective website is not all that hard by using simple web design tools. If you already have a website – here are a few small changes and improvements you can make to your site that will create a big difference to your engagement in the long run.

Incorporate Video Into Your Website

If you don’t already have some exciting video content on your website, you should think about adding some. Video is fast becoming internet users’ favourite form of media as it’s engaging and appeals to more than one sense. You could use video to advertise and explain your products, interview past customers or simply use it as a form of relatable entertainment for your viewers. Posting short clips of your video productions on your social media platforms is a great way to attract more traffic to your site.

Modernise Your Website

If you have an older site, it’s very easy for it to get stuck in the past and start looking a little dated. But you can still easily modernise your site without having to do a complete redesign. Having a modern looking site will assure potential customers that you are on top of your game and that your website is active. Here are a few easy ways you can make your site feel more modern:

  • Update your font (fonts are key!)
  • Make sure all images are high quality
  • Incorporate one or two new design trends
  • Have up to date and regular blog posts relating to your products and services
  • Ensure you have your address and phone number listed


Pay Attention to your Home Page

If you only have the time and money to work on and improve just one thing- make sure it’s your landing page. It’s what creates that first impression and it has to be appealing in order to keep viewers on your site. Updating and upgrading this page can only work to your advantage. To learn more about effective homepage design – read one of our previous posts on creating effective landing pages here.

Create More Open Space On Your Website

What often happens with older sites is that they become cluttered as more and more info, tabs and images are added over the years. A good idea would be to have a good hard look at what you have on your site and delete all the things that no longer serve a purpose. De-cluttering will add more emphasis on the important parts of your website and the cleared space around the key info will help it stand out.

Weblab are leaders in website design in Durban and abroad. While we specialize in building brand new websites, we can also give invaluable advice and assistance in improving and revamping existing websites. So if you feel your website needs a bit of a facelift, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.