#1 Lead Generation Company + 9 More Companies In South Africa To Choose From

Looking for new customers or clients? Most businesses are not fortunate enough to say they never have to look for new customers. If that is your business then you are one of the lucky few. If however, you are looking to expand your business and reach more customers or even reach new markets, then you will benefit from the help of an expert lead generation company. 

Acquiring new customers can be easy if you have all the money to spend. The trick is to reach new customers with a cost-effective lead generation plan. 

What Does Lead Generation Involve?

lead generation company

Lead generation involves:

  • Finding your ideal target market
  • Reaching them where they are and telling them about your business and how you can benefit them
  • Get them to complete a desired goal ie. Fill out a contact form, download a free lead magnet, buy a product/service

An expert lead generation company will use research to ensure that you’re reaching out to the best potential buyers. By creating buyer personas you are able to understand what drives your target market, what they want, the key phrases to use and where to reach them ie. Instagram, Facebook, email etc. 

With all this in mind, you need to take the next step and partner with a professional lead generation company in South Africa.

In this article, we look at the top 10 lead generation companies in South Africa. We’ll also look at the benefits a lead generation plan will bring to your company. 

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  1. The Weblab

The Weblab has the expertise to expand your business and reach new markets using qualified lead generation techniques. Through our help, your business will experience better quality leads that will more likely turn into sales. We have helped many businesses create powerful lead magnets that move targeted users through a researched sales funnel, without our clients having to lift a finger. If you’re looking for a results and automated lead generation approach, partner with The Weblab.

  1. Shift One

Shift ONE is a one-stop shop for all your marketing endeavours, combining experience with both traditional and digital marketing channels to achieve their clients’ goals. They focus on understanding what drives engagement and what differentiates one business from another. This leads to brand loyalty and more sales. Their lead generation techniques include email marketing, landing pages, webinars, ebooks and more!

  1. Eseka

Eseka is a business development service specialising in cold calling, sales, research, appointment setting and strategy. They incorporate CRM and Call Centre Technology to conduct research and sales. Using data, they will help you improve products and services, helping to further retain customers. Eseka also offers a consultancy service as well as access to sought after b2b databases. 

  1. Gen Lead

Reaching the right audience is the hardest part of lead generation as you can get the contact details of thousands of potentials that will never buy from you. Using Google Ads and social media platforms, Gen Lead will target your audience, ultimately delivering you super warm pre-qualified leads. Gen Lead also uses YouTube and video marketing to generate warm leads. 

  1. Inversion Marketing 

Using an effective three-step formula, Inversion Marketing aims to create a results-driven, predictable pipeline of leads to act on. They approach your audience by listening, talking and learning what makes them tick in order to create more brand awareness and match their expectations with a qualified customer journey.

  1. Yep!

Yep! Is an online marketplace for consumers and businesses to meet and work together. Customers will find quality services and products and get accurate quotes and businesses can set up an ‘online store’ through Yep, where they can market it and communicate directly with potential leads. Yep! Will help your business be seen by a wider online market that are searching for similar products or services. They even have an easy to use app. 

  1. Persuade

Persuade is a lead generation company that will help you get in front of the right audience to help scale your business. They will provide predictable sales, a specialist team of experts and send constant email updates to see where you are growing. They have a proven track record, working with many brands and companies across South Africa, helping to find their potential and customising plans to fit their ROI expectations and goals.

  1. Lead Burst Digital

Leadburst Digital is a lead generation company that manages your lead generation through transparent, fixed monthly fees. Their services are focused on achieving optimal growth by making the most of your marketing budget, therefore meeting your full potential without reaching above your means. Seeing themselves as their clients’ partners, Leadburst Digital invests in the growth of their clients. 

  1. 3 Way Marketing

3 Way Marketing’s lead generation campaigns are 100% measurable, easy to track, low-risk, and focused on providing returns on your investment. They focus on bringing the leads to you through all the different channels including SMS, social media, email, content marketing, paid media and more! They can help create and promote content that provides a user experience that is intuitive to your customer’s journey.

  1. Metis Online

By adding a personal touch with face to face meetings, Metis Online is a lead generation company that helps attract the right customers with targeted campaigns. They ensure that before any campaigns can get underway they have to understand your business, your goals, target audience and offering. Metis Online offers customised data reports, showing you what’s important for your business and further offers real-time insights and suggestions.

Benefits Of A Lead Generation Company

lead generation company in South Africa

A specially crafted and researched lead generation campaign is pivotal in reaching new customers as well as reaching the cream of the crop customers that will most likely turn from a lead to a sale. A Lead generation company focuses not only on bringing you hundreds of new calls, emails or enquiries but on bringing warm leads right to your door. Some more benefits of a lead generation company include:

  1. Expand Your Market
  2. Get Better Quality Leads
  3. Receive More Customer Reviews 
  4. Improved Revenue
  5. More Opportunities
  6. Automate Processes  

Our Top Lead Generation Company

Ready to get more, better quality leads? The team at The Weblab are marketing whizzes at making the most bang for your marketing buck. We do this by creating super focused lead generation campaigns. We find and meet your target market exactly where they are, with an offer they cannot refuse. Plus we beat out your competitors while doing it! Schedule a free strategy call with us today to find out more about our top lead generation company!