Logo design steps for Weblab

So you are ready to get started with the logo design process? Ready to take your business to new heights and provide all the people and business’s interacting with your brand something to remember?



Logo design step 1

Firstly you need to decide who you would like to make use of when it comes to your fresh new logo design, hopefully it is us 🙂 We would suggest that you look at the designer or companies portfolio before committing to them. Do you like their style of design? Will it fit in with your desired end results? You should take this into account, as certain designers have a very specific style of design that they specialize in. If their portfolio is far from what you are looking for with the design you envision then I would suggest you keep looking for a designer that will fit into the category of “wow that is what I am looking for.”

You may also be interested in reading what your brand colours say about your business to educate yourself on how people interact with your brand colours, so you can make educated decisions on colour selections.

Logo design step 2

So you have decided who you want to work with, if you are reading this, then we can safely presume you are considering our services 🙂 And hence this is our step by step for OUR logo design process. Other designers and companies will differ from us…. Ok back to step 2, simply have a look at our current logo design special and see if you are happy with paying that amount for your logo design. We know that we are not the cheapest solution, but cheap is never really a good investment when you want quality work. Your logo design is an investment, and should portray a message to your clients, and be a symbol that they will recognize with your future marketing efforts. It’s not a part of the business you should cut costs on, or try save a buck. You pay for what you get at the end of the day. So if you are looking for quality logo design services then please get in-touch with us, so we can assist you with your logo design needs.

Logo design step 3

We will provide you with a quote for your logo design needs, and give you a quick breakdown of what you can expect from us, and the limitations of your specific logo design package, we will also attach a Logo Design Form to that email, please fill this in and send it back to us. If you are happy, and wish to proceed then simply accept our quote and request that we send you a invoice to get started. We will then send you a invoice requesting payment of a 50% deposit to get started.

Logo design step 4

Awesome! So now you have made payment? Great…. Now we get started. We do some market research and see what your competitors are doing and seek some inspiration to create your unique logo design. We design logo’s from scratch and we don’t make use of “pre-made icons”. The logo concepts are usually delivered within a 48 hour period after the deposit payment reflects, we try aim for a 48 hour turn around time. This time frame heavily depends on work loads at the time, but we try our best to meet it every time. We then present the concepts to you via email, you then sit down and decide which of the concepts best meets your business needs and message. We are aware that you may be tempted to send this email to your entire family to get input, please try avoid this practice. Is your sister’s boyfriend involved in your business? Does he have design skills? Does he knows what colours work with specific industries and different messages and subconscious human interaction with brands? This practice really does confuse you, and makes you second guess your initial judgement. You only get a 5 day period to make unlimited changes, make them count please, or you could find yourself spending more cash for additional time to make changes.

Logo design step 5

So you have selected the concept you like the most, and you have supplied us with the changes that make you LOVE your new company logo! You are filled with excitement and immediately want to start making use of it so that your new clients and current clients can be in awe of your new direction and creation…. Well the last step is now…Simply pay us the balance owing for the logo project and we will prepare the final logo package for you. Your logo package will be emailed to you and will contain all your required formats for future use. You will get your vector (scalable to any size, and does not lose quality) based formats, PDF and .jpg and .png formats. If you ever need to get print work done in the future then you would simply send your supplier this file. PLEASE keep this file safe.

Let us hep you get started with your new logo design today! Contact Us or view our logo design packages and portfolio. Thanks for reading.