How Important are Landing Pages Really?

Landing pages are stand-alone web pages that bring in leads using very specific calls to action related to the promotion of specific products, services, or events. The two main types are known as reference and transactional landing pages. The former provides summarised information on offerings and can be optimised using keyword phrases, while the latter encourages users to share contact details with the aim of closing sales. As a reputable online marketing agency, we have dedicated ourselves to understanding the importance of landing pages, because creating them consumes a considerable amount of resources. In this blog, we highlight four reasons why they are essential digital marketing platforms.

online markting agency- landing pages

One – They Provide Detailed Data About Who Your Leads Are & How To Appeal To Them

The information you collect through landing pages can be used to influence the direction of marketing content that will be created in the future. Insight makes it easier to speak to potential customers in ways that convert them into paying customers.

Two – They Are Specific, Which Means You Can Steer The Action Taken By Customers

A normal website home page gives users many options on where to go and what to do on the platform. This can be anything from reading more about the company to watching videos. If you want users to take a specific action, landing pages let you facilitate that.

Three – They Engage Page Visitors In Ways That Prompt Decision-Making

online marketing agency- call to action

The use of pointed calls to action leaves visitors with no choice but to do something. What that is, will be determined by you, whether it’s sharing contact information through a booking or sign-up process or making a purchase.

Four – They Can Be Tested And Refined Based On The Data You Collect

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of landing pages is that you can run more than one at the same time, with varied colors, fonts, shapes, and other elements. Keep track of what performs better, so that each page you create thereafter is more effective.

The bottom line of digital marketing is made up of two interconnected elements: traffic and conversion. The more people are aware of and directed to your platforms, the more likely it is that they will buy from you. The key is in the approach, and sometimes a landing page is the most effective one.

Hiring an online marketing agency is the best way to ensure that you can produce landing pages with quality content. Call us today to learn more.