How to get more personal with your online marketing?

A user who spends an entire day online will view up to 1000 adverts. Now that may seem like a lot of ads but, it is harder to grab and keep web user’s attention, in present times, because their attention span is too short. Successful online markers use strategies that incorporate channels their audience prefers. The key to success is to know where your target audience is active online and how you are going to keep their attention. This can be done by creating users who are loyal to your brand which requires constant engagement. Here we outline some helpful tips to help grow your user engagement by getting personal with your online marketing.

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1. Research and Data Gathering

Usually, your objectives of online marketing should be to generate as many conversions as possible. Online marketing companies do this by getting subscribers using research and data gathering skills. Using data, online marketing aims to create a joyful online experience for the user. A great online experience encourages consumers to give you their personal information. By providing tailored marketing strategies for your target audience it separates you from your competitors.

2. Personalised Communication With Your Users

Your online marketing strategies should aim to provide personalised communication for your users. Using audiences preferred communication channels, your online presence will not be invasive. Using communication tools like email, content marketing and retargeting, you can connect with your users when it suits them.

3. Personalised Subject Line

You can target email users by replacing “Dear recipient” with your email campaigns. Changing the subject line personalises the email. This benefits the user because they are 26 % more likely to open them (monitor, 2017) and it increases customer engagement by 74 %  (econsultancy, 2019). You can also stand out by sending your subscribers a birthday message. This marketing tactic has proven to generate 342% more revenue (Experian, 2019). Adding a little something extra to the personalised message can also go a long way, like a coupon or discount. Also make sure to make your email look attractive so that it stands out.

online marketing getting more personal

4. Personalised Content

Another way your online marketing can flourish is through personalised content. To deliver engaging content requires knowledge of your target audience. This includes their psychographics, behavioural traits and online activities. Consumers presented with interesting and engaging content will engage with the brand. This excitement is like receiving a letter in the mail with their name on it; it brings a smile to their face. The more personalised the branded content is, the higher the chance brand recall will be.

5. Personalised Retargeting Adverts

Your online marketing strategy can use personalised retargeting adverts. Only 2 % of web users will convert after seeing your advert. To increase conversions retargeting adverts are crucial for your online strategy. Strategising your retarget adverts using your users online behaviour generates more conversions, improves engagement and creates a friendly user experience (Exactdrive, 2017).

It takes web users two or three visits to the website before they decide to buy the product. Users will always need a path back to the website through retargeting adverts. Here’s how retargeting works:

online marketing retargeting graphic

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