How to get an FNB bank confirmation letter online (screenshots)

If you’ve been following us for a while or have partnered with us on a project in the past, you may be asking yourself… 

What does this have to do with online marketing? 

Well, nothing really but we’ve promised to be helpful where we can and found that we share in a common struggle with fellow business owners – navigating the dynamic world of online banking.

We’re not here to promote any bank in particular (though we won’t say no to a sponsorship ;)) but rather lend a hand with some visuals as we go to take care of one annoying part of your day. After all, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Your Google search is over. Here is how you can get that allusive FNB bank confirmation letter.

Steps To Get An Online FNB Account Confirmation Letter

1. “Login”

Step one to getting your FNB bank confirmation letter is visiting the FNB online banking platform and logging into your online banking account.

FNB Confirmation Letter

2. “My Bank Accounts”

Next, click on the “My bank accounts” option and you will be taken to a list of your bank accounts. Then you will select the “More” button beside the account that you wish to acquire the confirmation letter.

3. “Account confirmation letter”

Click on the option “Account confirmation letter” from the menu.

4. Download/Email

Lastly, select the method you would like to receive the letter (email or download) as well as which account should be charged for the letter.

And that’s it! Now you’re all set to download, print or frame your FNB confirmation letter.

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