How To Design A Company Profile That Lands More Deals

Think of your company profile as something like a resume for your clients to not only get a better understanding of your brand and what you can offer them, but it should also showcase your strengths and uniqueness. Therefore, helping you to stand out amongst the competition.

Just like a resume a company profile can look like your normal stock templates, saying all the right things but lacking creativity.

You want your company profile to scream the essence of your brand, to immediately stand out and demand action.

This might be your first time creating a company profile but it isn’t our first rodeo.

Here our company profile designers give you some top tips and practical additions to design a company profile that churns out leads!

Why Do You Need A Company Profile?

A company profile is a representation of your business to other businesses, clients and even future employees. 

Every company should have a concise and personalised company profile that both represent your brand positively and accurately as well as encourages the reader to want to further interact with your business. Company profile designers can help you here.

A company profile:

  • Helps you stand out 
  • Gives helpful descriptions of your products and services 
  • Shows your goals and where you’ve come from
  • Acts as a representation of your business, saving you the time of initial explanations and repeat questions
  • Helps with recruitment 

What Do You Need To Include?

company profile design

No matter how distinct your company profile is, there are some details you can’t avoid adding to ensure a successful profile. 

These include reporting on the most important aspects of your brand like basic contact information all the way to goals and even your awards. 

Let’s take a look at what company profile designers always include in a successful company profile:

  1. Up to date business details
  • name
  • date established
  • physical address 
  • Email address
  • contact information (phone and fax) 
  • website URL 

    2. The basics of what makes up your business

  • Business description, including your mission and vision
  • Description of your offering (detailed information on your products or services) 
  • More about you ie. Business history, growth 

    3. The highlights (what makes your business special) 

  • certifications
  • awards
  • testimonials
  • specialities 
  • media recognition

Once you have the necessary components of your company profile you can start optimising it to make it more interesting to read and look at.

Now let’s look at some tips to help you design a company profile that not only gives all the right information but will help bring you warm leads.

Tips To Create A Company Profile That Converts

company profile designers

    1. Get creative

Nobody wants to try and read a company profile that’s just words on a page. 

You want to show not tell your story, helping readers discover more about you through images, stunning illustrations, interesting stats and more. 

Showcase your brand’s feel through a personalised design that reflects who you are and who your customers are. 

    2. Show your value 

The #1 goal of your company profile should be to show prospective buyers what they’ll get out of working with you. 

Show how your offering can solve their problems and add value to their lives. 

Explain in detail how your product or service helps people. You can also detail how you wish to take this further through your mission and values. 

For example, if you’re a coffee shop, your value is bringing high-quality coffee to your visitors. 

But through your mission, your value may actually lie in creating a comfortable refuge for professionals that work from home and need somewhere to work peacefully and productively. 

The details matter! 

    3. Show proof

It’s all good and well highlighting the value you give to consumers but what really matters is what the customer thinks. 

Therefore, show social proof of what people are saying about you. You can also include recent testimonials from happy customers. 

This will help reflect your reliability and build trust with the reader. 

    4. Show where you’ve come from and where you’re going

There are many ways to creatively show readers where your business has come from. 

This could be through a neatly summarised timeline or roadmap of your progress. 

Readers want to know what the future holds for your brand. Therefore, it’s important to showcase your current and future goals to grow the business. 

    5. Give your business a face

company profile designers

Don’t forget to show who the people are that make your business what it is. 

Here you can indicate how many people work with you and even what their roles are. 

You can detail how diverse your culture is and give an introduction to the more important individuals. 

Even give a little taste of the inside jokes you may have, or what makes your company unique. For example, what’s everyone’s coffee order or favourite book. 

This may seem like a ‘waste of space’ on your company profile. But if you’re looking for one that converts you need to build trust with your prospect and this is done through transparency and humility. 

    6. Use CTA’s

You can’t gather leads if they don’t know where to head next. Be sure to include easy to follow Calls to action (CTAs) that prospects can follow. 

Something like ‘visit our website’ or ‘take a look at our quality products’ or even ‘call today to start your journey with us’. 

And don’t forget to include all your contact information!

7. Proofread it! 

What seems like a super simple and obvious tip for your company profile, isn’t super simple for everyone! 

Make sure that you double and triple check your company profile for any spelling and grammar mistakes. 

These can make your business seem unprofessional and amateur and put you on the wrong foot before you’ve even sometimes spoken to a prospect.

Depending on your industry, you also want to make sure that you’re using easy to read language that flows, especially when telling your story!

And with that, you’re ready to create an impressive company profile that knocks the socks off its next reader! 

Ready to start creating a company profile that better reflects your business to future customers? At The Weblab, our company profile designers have created hundreds of personalised company profiles that help bring in the leads! Want to learn more? Give us a call today so we can get started!