Hello Again! How Google Remarketing Works

As the leading search engine in the world, Google is where most of us as digital marketers focus our efforts when it comes to online marketing. There are many ways to optimise on your campaigns, including remarketing (also referred to as retargeting) on Google Ads. Remarketing is an approach to online marketing that targets existing leads while they are online on other platforms. At The Weblab, we offer one of the top digital marketing services, so we’re well-versed in remarketing. In this blog, we zoom into how it works and how it can help you achieve improved conversion rates.

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Going Through The Steps Of Google Remarketing

The way it works is that you work pixel code into your website. This code will keep track of users’ online movements using cookies. However, you can also keep a list of existing customers and use that for remarketing. The aim is to remind the user of your offering as they do other things online, such as updating social media, getting up to speed on news, or streaming YouTube videos. We show you the remarketing process of looking for a dishwasher online which generally occurs in the following five steps:

One – The Internet User Enters A Search Phrase While Browsing

Potential customers often search online for products and services. If your website ranks highly on SERPs through ads and organic SEO, it becomes more likely that your site will have high traffic. Here we have used the search phrase ‘makro dishwasher’ to find what we are looking for.

digital marketing services- remarketing

Two – The User Visits Your Site During The Session

Your website is there to provide information and answer questions. Oftentimes users will browse without buying anything – an online window-shopping process. Clicking on the link we have been redirected to Makro’s ‘dishwashers’ page.

Three – The User Exits Your Website Once They Are Done

Once the user is done browsing, the pixel code will track where they go next. This provides the opportunity to build a rapport with the individual by subtly showing them more about your brand as they browse elsewhere.

Four – Your Ad Pops Up While The User Browses Other Sites

The banner ads that you create for remarketing will pop up on other pages as the retargeted user browses. Make sure to include attractive information, such as special deals and discounts. The ad below was found on Facebook and you will find that it contains a special offer that comes free with the dishwasher.

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Five – The User Circles Back To Your Website

An effective retargeting campaign convinces the user to go back to your website and make a purchase. Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge in the right direction.

Next time you are searching things on Google, keep in mind what you search, you may just start seeing that product/ service everywhere! This is one of many ways to ensure that you grow your business’ revenue with time. Need expert online marketing services? Give us a call today.