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Red hot potentials are searching online in ‘buy mode’ clicking on ads and converting into sales. Are you competing in this space?
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Explode your sales fast.

PPC (pay per click) campaigns are a great way to reach ‘ready to buy’ clients that are busy hunting the internet for the services and products you provide. These potential clients are RED HOT and ready to buy. If PPC platforms are not part of your online marketing strategy then you are missing out on competing for these clients.

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Focused on profits.

Have you run Google Ads in the past and think that they don’t work for your business? Maybe you tried running them by yourself with limited knowledge and just burned through your budgets like crazy with little to no sales or leads?

We focus on building your campaigns around profitability rather than by the number of clicks. We focus on standing out in the crowded ads space and converting browsers into leads and sales through our optimised landing pages.

“Nobody counts the number of Ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.”

William Bernbach

Client reviews.

Over 30 five star ratings on Google

Sana Siddiqi
Sana Siddiqi
Google Review
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Awesome team at Weblab! Extremely helpful and able to create great designs, websites etc! A definite recommendation to anybody looking for a design team for their business!
Rizwana Suliman
Rizwana Suliman
Google Review
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We've got burn't a few times before we found Weblab. When we found Scott & his team, we were amazed at their brilliant website. Once we met them and began work, we were bowled over by their absolute professionalism, speed, awesome concepts, friendliness and readiness to ALWAYS HELP NO MATTER WHAT. Also, their communication is beyond par excellence, not once did they lose our information/emails or misunderstand our needs. This is a team that truly depicts what OUTSTANDING customer service backed by expertise is. They added a whole new life to business with their rebranding and back office support. Love them!
Shivan Rambridge
Shivan Rambridge
Google Review
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Working with Weblab has been a pleasure. Fast and Efficient service coupled with great designs and attention to detail ensured that i got the end product I wanted for my business. Would definitely recommend.
Sandra van Rensburg
Sandra van Rensburg
Google Review
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Desperately looking for GOOD service, I googled for help, and what an extremely pleasant suprise it was to find WEBLAB. From the first communication on the chat line to the last mail received with my requirements it was nothing but an absolute pleasure! To "The-do-it-all", 10/10, you certainly DID IT!!! Would not hesitate to recommend! FULL STARS!!
Ronel Irvine
Ronel Irvine
Google Review
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Weblab have been one of the most professional, pro active web design agencies I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Scott and his team. Their response time to everything is super fast and efficient, and their design work is out of this world. I would highly recommend their services.
Sterling Access
Sterling Access
Google Review
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It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Weblab team. We received professional and excellent service throughout. This is the start and big things are coming from both parties.... Thanks a lot from our family at Sterling to yours at Weblab.

Shhh it's a secret!

This is how most online marketing agencies go about their business, keeping you in the dark, guessing and wondering where the value is that you are paying your hard-earned money for.

We don’t like doing business like this, we educate, implement and strategise to make your PPC campaigns profitable. 

The biggest issue is having dull ads that don’t get people excited to click on them or worse, they simply fade into the background with all the other ads. We need to shock people awake, to take action, click on our ads and then send them to a landing page designed to convert them into leads and sales, with highly sculpted copy that addresses their pains, needs and wants.

All while keeping an eye on the data reporting back to you and making sure we are profitable.

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5 simple ways to grow your business fast!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising means you only pay for an ad once someone has clicked on it. There are other types of Google ads models, such as Cost Per Impression, where you pay every time your ad is seen by someone. PPC Ads or Google ads are usually found near the top of the search page on Google. They have small ‘AD’ text next to the listing.

When setting up your Google Ads Campaign, The Weblab will determine your daily spending limit based on your monthly budget for your Google Ads Campaign. To find out your monthly budget you would multiply your daily budget by 30.4, if you would like calculate your daily budget, you would divide your monthly budget by 30.4.

Every business is different with different levels of online competition. To prepare your business for advertising on Google, we do online research to calculate your perfect Google Ads budget.

Google will never over spend your monthly budget. They will occasionally go over your daily budget due to them adding more budget to days they deem more popular. This will even out over the month and will not exceed your monthly budget.

We create ads for Google search, display and shopping.

Search Network Ads
Shows on the Google search results page in text format.

Shopping Ads
Are ads that link directly to your products on your website, these ads are used to display products from a eCommerce store.

Display Network Ads
Shows on the websites/apps that your customers visit, usually in an image format.

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Google Advertising Agency – Advertise On Google Today

Anyone that has tried to do their own Google advertising campaign management can tell you that Google ads are time-consuming, frustrating and oftentimes pointless if you don’t have the necessary experience that is. With the right Google Advertising Agency, Pay per click marketing ads can yield fantastic results, bring you many new customers and create an online impact. The other major benefit of advertising on Google is that they can be very affordable is strategized correctly. Here at The Weblab, we have comprehensive experience in creating successful PPC campaigns for a wide range of businesses. When working with a new company, we take a deep dive into your brand and find out who exactly your ideal customer is so that we can target them effectively. All of our ad campaigns are highly personalised, so that we can achieve the results that you’ve always hoped for! The Weblab also offers SEM management, which aims to get your site higher up in search results. SEM management combined with our Google advertising, brings positive and cohesive outcomes.

Google Advertising Company South Africa

The Weblab has been operating since 2009. This has given us over a decade of knowledge in digital marketing, and has given us extensive experience in advertising on Google, making us one of the top Google Advertising companies in South Africa. Our team is based in Durban, and while many of our clients are in the immediate area, we offer our premium Google advertising services to the whole of South Africa. At The Weblab, we know that to advertise on Google is definitely not easy! That’s why we recommend that you save yourself time, money and energy, by leaving Google advertising management to the professionals.

Advertise on Google With Personalised Strategies

When it comes to Google ads, we prefer quality over quantity. What this means is that we focus on targeting the right customer instead of targeting a large number of the wrong customers. Traffic to your site does not have much meaning if this traffic is not being converted into paying customers. While other Google advertising agencies may not focus on your conversions, conversion rates play a very big role in our highly personalised strategies, which are completely custom to your brand. Our highly successful PPC campaigns, and other digital marketing services, have made The Weblab one of the premium Google Advertising Companies in South Africa today.

Search Engine Marketing Agency

On top of being PPC marketing whizzes, The Weblab is also a professional search engine marketing agency. We are confident that we have all the right tools and know-how to bring your search results to the top. We know how to find which keywords will work for you and your company, and are passionate about helping the right audience find your brand. We believe that it is our creative thinking, and handle on international trends, that sets us apart and makes us a top SEM agency. Our loyal clients continue to use our services because of the fantastic results that we have helped them achieve through our SEM packages.

Pay Per Click Agency

It can be tricky to find an Pay Per Click Agency that has the right knowledge and experience to get you the right results. There are many fly-by-night agencies that will promise you the world but that never deliver. The Weblab knows how to deliver! We have been using Google Advertising for well over a decade and have kept up to date with all the changes along the way. We ensure that you stay ahead of the pack by using strategies and techniques that many other pay per click agencies may not know about. When working with The Weblab, you don’t just get a company with PPC knowledge, you also get a company that offers premium SEM management services to work in conjunction with your Google ads.

Advertise On Google 

It can seem almost impossible to rise above your competitors, especially if you’re in a competitive industry. But at The Weblab we ensure that we come up with a customised strategy that is perfectly suited to your brand to ensure that you’re receiving top results with each campaign. In our experience, we have seen many PPC Management companies only pay attention to traffic. But we believe that it is conversions that will help your company prosper. Let’s start making those conversions and bringing your ideal clients to you! At The Weblab, we handle the tedious task of Google ads so that you can do what you’re good at.