Frequently asked questions.

We get many questions, here is a selection of some of the most common questions we get. Do let us know if you have a specific question you need answered?
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General FAQ:

In short, no we don’t. We mostly work with small to medium service-based businesses for our online marketing services.

If you are looking for a website and or logo or copywriting services, then we can work with most businesses and start-ups.

We have our first meeting or introduction using Zoom. This is where we determine if we will be a good fit for your business and vice versa. Should the Zoom meeting go well we can set up a face to face should it be required at our offices or at yours.

Google Ads FAQ:

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising means you only pay for an ad once someone has clicked on it. There are other types of Google ads models, such as Cost Per Impression, where you pay every time your ad is seen by someone. PPC Ads or Google ads are usually found near the top of the search page on Google. They have small ‘AD’ text next to the listing.

When setting up your Google Ads Campaign, The Weblab will determine your daily spending limit based on your monthly budget for your Google Ads Campaign. To find out your monthly budget you would multiply your daily budget by 30.4, if you would like calculate your daily budget, you would divide your monthly budget by 30.4.

Every business is different with different levels of online competition. To prepare your business for advertising on Google, we do online research to calculate your perfect Google Ads budget.

Google will never over spend your monthly budget. They will occasionally go over your daily budget due to them adding more budget to days they deem more popular. This will even out over the month and will not exceed your monthly budget.

We create ads for Google search and display network.

Search Network Ads – shows on the Google search results page in text format.

Display Network Ads – shows on the websites/apps that your customers visit, usually in an image format.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is involved in growing your website and traffic through organic (non-paid) search results. SEO is concerned with improving how search engines, ie Google, understand your site and connect your site to other sources.

The better understanding search engines have about your site is, the higher your website will feature in the search results. The higher you are on the search results, the more traffic you will receive.

We help search engines understand your website better. We do this by optimising your website pages for specific keywords that people are searching for online. This helps the search engine understand the content of your site better and how it connects to the end users search on Google.

We write monthly blogs surrounding your desired keywords to deliver valuable optimised content to your website.

We create quality backlinks that boost your Domain Authority.

We work on your website on a monthly basis to get the results we are after.

Ranking online depends on a number of factors including keyword difficulty ie. How broad or competitive your desired keyword/s are.

You will start ranking for low difficulty keywords within 3 months. These keywords include Specific location keywords or brand keywords.

However, more competitive one-word keywords such as, ‘lawyer’ may never see you hit the first page of the search results due to the overwhelming competition and difficulty.

SEO is not a quick fix solution but it is an imperative part of our strategy.

We would need the login details to the backend of your website as well as looking into our copywriting services to improve the content of your website.

It will be best to talk to us should you be interested in getting started with your SEO campaign.

Social Media Marketing FAQ:

Social media management is when a member of our team liaises with you or a team member on a weekly and monthly basis to schedule posts on your targeted social media platforms. We do this to ensure your social media pages are staying active and are organically growing engagement and followers.

Social media marketing is where we run targeted ads on social media platforms that have an end goal and strategy in mind.

Yes, we can help you set up all social media accounts for you if you are struggling to set them up yourself.

Web Design FAQ:

Simply reach out to us and we will guide you through the process. The step by step procedure below is followed for all new web design projects.

  1. Determine the end goal of the website and project
  2. Quote on the project based on feedback and discussion
  3. Ensure that we have all necessary website content from you
  4. 50% deposit is paid to get started
  5. Website home page is designed and sent off to you for approval
  6. Once approved we carry on with the rest of the website design and development
  7. Once happy the balance is paid
  8. We then commence with marketing strategies should this be part of the strategy

The cost of your website depends on a number of factors. These factors include, the websites function where the purpose of the website is purely informative or if it is an ecommerce store and how many pages the website needs. The cost generally starts from around R10k for our full stack entry level website that includes many services that add value to your website like content writing and images etc.

Rather contact us to discuss your objective and vision for your website and we will work on a package that suits your needs and meets your goals.

We can create copy for your website but we would need you to supply skeleton content that would include information about your business that we would not know.

Our aim is to create a website that converts traffic into leads, and this starts with great website copy.

Professional photographs always work best for a website but we can work without them and purchase high quality stock photos or images for you.

This comes down too many factors. Generally, we can have most basic websites setup and running in 3 weeks or less.

We follow these steps;

  1. In the first week we work on the content for the website.
  2. In the second week we work on the home page design and the look and feel.
  3. In the third and following weeks we set up the rest of the website and add the remaining information and or products.
  4. During these stages there are many feedback emails and discussions. The length of these changes and discussions change from project to project.

No, you don’t – our communication structures, including email, phone or video conferences give us the ability to work with multiple clients on a national and international scale.

Yes – we offer hosting and website maintenance at an additional monthly fee.

As mobile is the most popular medium users are on nowadays, we make sure that all the websites we design are mobile-friendly and have a fast loading speed.

Logo Design FAQ:

Firstly, reach out to us by filling in the form on this page

Fill in our logo design form so we can get a better idea of the type of design you are looking for.

After we received your filled-out logo design form we would send you a quote in which you would need to pay a 50% deposit to get started.

Next, we would send you logo concepts that we would need feedback on. After we receive your feedback, we will do the needed changes and send it back to you for more feedback. We will continue this process of communication until you are happy with the final logo design.

Final payment is then paid before the final design files are sent to you.

Yes – all the logo’s we create are an original design.

Yes – the logo’s we design are sent to you in vector format, this means that the design will never lose its quality regardless of the size.

We can design your initial logo concepts within 2 to 3 business days. The completion of the project then depends on how quickly we get feedback from you.

This all depends on what you are looking for and your budget. Please check the packages highlighted on this page.

Client reviews.

Over 30 five star ratings on Google

Sana Siddiqi
Sana Siddiqi
Google Review
Read More
Awesome team at Weblab! Extremely helpful and able to create great designs, websites etc! A definite recommendation to anybody looking for a design team for their business!
Rizwana Suliman
Rizwana Suliman
Google Review
Read More
We've got burn't a few times before we found Weblab. When we found Scott & his team, we were amazed at their brilliant website. Once we met them and began work, we were bowled over by their absolute professionalism, speed, awesome concepts, friendliness and readiness to ALWAYS HELP NO MATTER WHAT. Also, their communication is beyond par excellence, not once did they lose our information/emails or misunderstand our needs. This is a team that truly depicts what OUTSTANDING customer service backed by expertise is. They added a whole new life to business with their rebranding and back office support. Love them!
Shivan Rambridge
Shivan Rambridge
Google Review
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Working with Weblab has been a pleasure. Fast and Efficient service coupled with great designs and attention to detail ensured that i got the end product I wanted for my business. Would definitely recommend.
Sandra van Rensburg
Sandra van Rensburg
Google Review
Read More
Desperately looking for GOOD service, I googled for help, and what an extremely pleasant suprise it was to find WEBLAB. From the first communication on the chat line to the last mail received with my requirements it was nothing but an absolute pleasure! To "The-do-it-all", 10/10, you certainly DID IT!!! Would not hesitate to recommend! FULL STARS!!
Ronel Irvine
Ronel Irvine
Google Review
Read More
Weblab have been one of the most professional, pro active web design agencies I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Scott and his team. Their response time to everything is super fast and efficient, and their design work is out of this world. I would highly recommend their services.
Sterling Access
Sterling Access
Google Review
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It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Weblab team. We received professional and excellent service throughout. This is the start and big things are coming from both parties.... Thanks a lot from our family at Sterling to yours at Weblab.
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