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Our digital marketing agency in Durban helps small and medium sized service based businesses get more leads & sales through proven online marketing strategies.
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The key to ranking on Google.

Do you have a website that is not ranking on Google or generating leads and sales?

You see most website designers wont educate you, they just want to close the quick sale. But they fail to mention that a website is only the first step to a successful marketing strategy.

The key to leverage the power of your website and take it to the next level is with Google search.

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Powerlift your copywriting.

Go to your website and a couple of your competitors and read the sales copy on them. Did you manage to finish it? Did you find that the use of the word “we” instead on “you” was used a lot?

This is because most businesses are not using conversational copy to address their readers. They are too focused on themselves and how great they think THEY are.

Don’t be that type of business. Talk to your readers as if you were having a casual coffee with them, and tell them the problems you help them solve.

Designed to engage.

Looking for design help? Whether it is websites, business cards, company profiles, adverts, logos or branding assets that you need we can help you. 

Engaging design helps people connect with your brand. It helps them see the value you can add to their lives and it solidifies you as the professional choice in your market. Tick all those boxes and you will gain their trust and sell more. 

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Too much toilet time.

Social media platforms are probably the #1 reason why we all spend too much time on the toilet.

With over 2 billion active users it is hard to ignore social media marketing. You should be leveraging social media in your online marketing strategies. But there are a few tricks and rules you need to abide by in order to be effective. 

Digital marketing is like a vast ocean. We will help you navigate it.

Client reviews.

Over 40 five star ratings on Google

Sana Siddiqi
Sana Siddiqi
Google Review
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Awesome team at Weblab! Extremely helpful and able to create great designs, websites etc! A definite recommendation to anybody looking for a design team for their business!
Rizwana Suliman
Rizwana Suliman
Google Review
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We've got burn't a few times before we found Weblab. When we found Scott & his team, we were amazed at their brilliant website. Once we met them and began work, we were bowled over by their absolute professionalism, speed, awesome concepts, friendliness and readiness to ALWAYS HELP NO MATTER WHAT. Also, their communication is beyond par excellence, not once did they lose our information/emails or misunderstand our needs. This is a team that truly depicts what OUTSTANDING customer service backed by expertise is. They added a whole new life to business with their rebranding and back office support. Love them!
Shivan Rambridge
Shivan Rambridge
Google Review
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Working with Weblab has been a pleasure. Fast and Efficient service coupled with great designs and attention to detail ensured that i got the end product I wanted for my business. Would definitely recommend.
Sandra van Rensburg
Sandra van Rensburg
Google Review
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Desperately looking for GOOD service, I googled for help, and what an extremely pleasant suprise it was to find WEBLAB. From the first communication on the chat line to the last mail received with my requirements it was nothing but an absolute pleasure! To "The-do-it-all", 10/10, you certainly DID IT!!! Would not hesitate to recommend! FULL STARS!!
Ronel Irvine
Ronel Irvine
Google Review
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Weblab have been one of the most professional, pro active web design agencies I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Scott and his team. Their response time to everything is super fast and efficient, and their design work is out of this world. I would highly recommend their services.
Sterling Access
Sterling Access
Google Review
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It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Weblab team. We received professional and excellent service throughout. This is the start and big things are coming from both parties.... Thanks a lot from our family at Sterling to yours at Weblab.
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Digital Marketing Durban

Digital marketing in Durban could be just the thing your brand needs to take it to the next level. Digital marketing has the ability to elevate your brand through increased web traffic, the creation of a cohesive digital identity, and a push for more online sales. Professional digital marketing agencies will use tried and tested methods, as well as personalised strategies to help your brand achieve all of its digital goals.

The Weblab employs a host of digital marketing experts in Durban, and have assisted many local brands on their digital marketing journeys. We offer a comprehensive range of services, provided by professionals in their respective fields. If you’re looking for the best in digital marketing in Durban, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

How Digital Marketing in Durban Can Help Your Business Achieve Its Goals

Have you tried a range of traditional marketing methods to bring your business the attention it deserves? If these haven’t yielded your desired results, it’s probably time to try digital marketing in Durban. Digital marketing provides modern, cutting-edge marketing solutions that every brand can benefit from, no matter what industry you’re in. Digital marketing in Durban can elevate your brand in the following ways:

  • Give your branding a much-needed upgrade through professional, cohesive graphic design that is aimed to connect with your target market.
  • Peaking the interest of potential customers through excellent web copy, blog posts, and carefully curated social media content.
  • More web traffic, more clicks and more customers through the creation of tailor-made digital marketing strategies, PPC Ads, SEO and web funnels.

At first, many businesses may attempt to tackle the online sphere on their own but soon realise that digital marketing is far more complex than they may have originally assumed. Meagre digital marketing attempts and strategies may even do damage to your SEO rankings, and in the worst case scenario you may find your site being blacklisted. This is why it’s best to let the experts do the digital marketing work for you, while you handle the tasks that your business really needs you for.

Making use of expert digital marketing services in Durban is an investment that has the power to truly transform your business for the better. Let’s start today!

Digital Marketing Durban: SEO

Did you know that our digital marketing services in Durban include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ? SEO is the only tried and tested method that will help your website in appearing organically on the first page of search engine results. So if you haven’t already, it’s time to start investing in SEO!

If you are new to SEO, it is essentially a variety of practices that enhance your website in accordance to Google’s standards, and optimising your site so that it runs efficiently. Organic and sound SEO practices include the implementation of keywords, compression of large images, optimising page response times, and ensuring that all web content is well written and free from errors.

Local SEO is also very important, especially if your customer base is location dependent. Local SEO practices ensure that your business details are up to date and that your website is listed on various local directories. As digital marketing specialists in Durban, we are up to date with all of the latest local SEO and general SEO methods and strategies to see you

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to SEO is that organic SEO strategies will take a couple of months to kick in and start showing results. That is why it is so important to be patient with SEO. Consistent and personalised SEO strategies will have your website on the first page of your desired search results within a few months.

Pay Per Click Ads

Want to boost your online traffic and sales fast? The best way to achieve this is definitely through PPC Ads.

Pay per click (PPC) Advertising is a popular method of advertising available on Google, which only requires you to pay for the amount of clicks you get on each of your ads. This allows PPC ads to be quite affordable.

The difficulty comes in when you need to bid for popular keywords. This can send your PPC budget skyrocketing and you may find yourself at a bit of a loss. This is why it’s best to employ professional digital marketing in Durban when it comes to PPC Ads. The marketing experts at The Weblab are able to create a highly effective PPC strategy, using your desired keywords and sticking to your desired budget.

Start increasing your sales through PPC today; get in touch with The Weblab.

Enhance Your Site Through Strategically Optimised Content

Content is so much more important than you may think. For content to add to your SEO ranking, rather than take away from it, it needs to be well-written, free from errors, contain the right keywords and be the right length?

So where do you start? You start with copywriting experts!

The Weblab offers professional copywriting services for your website. We are able to create highly engaging web copy, blog posts, landing pages, email marketing content and social media content.

High-quality copy will show your brand’s professionalism and that you truly care about engaging with your potential customers. Whether you need all new copy, or a bit of a revamp of your existing copy, our wordsmiths will deliver copy that peaks interest and yields results.

Exceptional Graphic Design Services

Our digital marketing services in Durban would not be complete if we didn’t offer graphic design services. At The Weblab, we have a team of exceptional graphic designers that are skilled in creating all sorts of different digitally designed pieces. From brochures to animation, we can do it all.

Your company logo is undoubtedly the most important piece of graphic design work that you’ll ever get done for your business. Your logo will appear multiple times on your website, and on many different pieces of marketing material. It will become synonymous with your brand, so it’s best that you get it designed by the professionals.

Your website design is also just as important, as your website acts as a digital representation of your entire brand. We live in an intensely digital error age and the chances are that your competitors have a professionally designed website. In order to stand a chance, you’ll need a site that stands out!

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or whether your business is brand new or already established, the digital marketing services in Durban offered by The Weblab can take your brand to new heights. Contact our professional team today to start your digital transformation.