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Search? Sorted!

Your website has been designed and yet you are getting no traffic, leads or sales. We can feel your frustration.

The next stage of your website’s evolution is Search. More specifically Google search. People are actively searching on Google for your services and we know how to get those people onto your website. We also no how to convert more of that traffic into leads and sales for your business!

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Copy? Sorted!

Once you know who you are writing for, and what they want, and you back that up with a powerful offer. Well then…You have something very powerful to persuade people to get off the fence and take action!

Don’t overlook the power of well-written copy. Everything starts and ends with copy. Make your copy count for your users or they will banish you to the darkest part of the forest!

Design? Sorted!

The next thing you would expect from your partnership with a digital marketing company such as ours would be design related services.

Whether it is websites, business cards, company profiles, adverts, logos and or branding assets we will assist you with most aspects of design. The functional designs we do are aimed to convert traffic and viewers into clients.

digital marketing company
digital marketing company

Social? Sorted!

Ahhh! The thing we all love to hate! We spend way too much time on social media and so do our prospects!

Do you have a strategy in place to get in front of your perfect client as the scroll mindlessly on social media platforms? How will you stand out in all that noise? How will you nurture them? Are they ready to buy?… We will help you answer all these questions.

If you want to focus on business growth this year, then we want to chat with you!

Client reviews.

Over 30 five star ratings on Google

Sana Siddiqi
Sana Siddiqi
Google Review
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Awesome team at Weblab! Extremely helpful and able to create great designs, websites etc! A definite recommendation to anybody looking for a design team for their business!
Rizwana Suliman
Rizwana Suliman
Google Review
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We've got burn't a few times before we found Weblab. When we found Scott & his team, we were amazed at their brilliant website. Once we met them and began work, we were bowled over by their absolute professionalism, speed, awesome concepts, friendliness and readiness to ALWAYS HELP NO MATTER WHAT. Also, their communication is beyond par excellence, not once did they lose our information/emails or misunderstand our needs. This is a team that truly depicts what OUTSTANDING customer service backed by expertise is. They added a whole new life to business with their rebranding and back office support. Love them!
Shivan Rambridge
Shivan Rambridge
Google Review
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Working with Weblab has been a pleasure. Fast and Efficient service coupled with great designs and attention to detail ensured that i got the end product I wanted for my business. Would definitely recommend.
Sandra van Rensburg
Sandra van Rensburg
Google Review
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Desperately looking for GOOD service, I googled for help, and what an extremely pleasant suprise it was to find WEBLAB. From the first communication on the chat line to the last mail received with my requirements it was nothing but an absolute pleasure! To "The-do-it-all", 10/10, you certainly DID IT!!! Would not hesitate to recommend! FULL STARS!!
Ronel Irvine
Ronel Irvine
Google Review
Read More
Weblab have been one of the most professional, pro active web design agencies I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Scott and his team. Their response time to everything is super fast and efficient, and their design work is out of this world. I would highly recommend their services.
Sterling Access
Sterling Access
Google Review
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It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Weblab team. We received professional and excellent service throughout. This is the start and big things are coming from both parties.... Thanks a lot from our family at Sterling to yours at Weblab.
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Why Does Your Business Need A Digital Marketing Company?

Having a digital marketing company at your disposal is an integral part of success in today’s world. Reaching an audience efficiently and intelligently can be one of the most effective ways to make your money work for you in a modern sales strategy. Armed with a full understanding of the online world, The Weblab allows your brand to focus on the logistics of the business, while they take care of the online marketing of it.

What Can A Digital Marketing Company Do For You?

  • Offers a range of specialties to boost your brand image through engagement in several media forms.
  • Unpacks the digital world for you and presents the best routes forward.

For those who are unfamiliar with the online space, this daunting realm can seem excessive and fast-paced, often leaving businesses out of reach of the benefits of being online. With a specialist team behind them, brands can see their marketing efforts are an investment, not an expense.

SEO Services

Google is one of the best resources a business can use online. Through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you can use the systems in place within Google to ensure that when someone searches for your product or service, you will appear first.

Optimising a website for Google allows you to strategically tweak and populate a site in a way that boosts your page visibility.

This is a complex method of increasing performance through organic means. Here we can discern what your audience is looking for and how best to reach them. Incorporating many algorithms, rather than a single linear system, SEO encompasses everything from website URL design to language use throughout the site. Even web design and page response comes into play in this area.

Exploding Your Sales Through PPC Ads

While SEO is the organic method of growth, PPC is another option for a paid alternative to similar results.

Pay per click (PPC) is a method of Google advertising that allows your page or site to be displayed above the search results as an ad when users search certain keywords. Every click through to the ad is a cost to the advertiser, hence the name “pay per click”. This is a much faster way to appear in search results and reach an audience, however, it does not allow for as much growth in domain authority.

These two methods are often used alongside each other and its best to be finely tuned by someone with an experienced hand.

Strategic Optimised Content – On-site And Social

Whether looking at social media, blog content, news, ads or simple website pages, the image of your brand is being created with every piece of copywriting and outward communication.

What Good Content Means For Your Site?

  • Efficiency of work- First and foremost, your website content not only shows the level of your knowledge but also the efficiency of your work.
  • Important ab aspects about your brand- Playing into several other online strategies as well, the words and images that populate your pages tell the audience what they need to know about the brand.
  • Shows constant activity online- Constantly creating content can take time and energy away from running a successful business, and without constant care, it can often diminish the presence of your brand. To succeed in the web space, a company must be active and engaging, allowing for a connection with your audience.
  • High standard of work- A low standard of content or information can not only impact your image with audiences but also affect your visibility online. Content acts as a pull factor, bringing people into your site and allowing for more interaction. Without the draw of relevant content, there is less chance of engaging with your audience.

When an agency is focused on your marketing efforts, you can have all bases covered at once. With a strong, active social media presence across all spaces, regularly updated content and blogs, as well as insightful and optimised website content, you can be sure to reach your audience effectively.

Integrated Design – Web And Logo Design

  • Recognisable & unique design- Your logo is an important part of any brand, as it acts as your point of reference. Your logo portrays your style and ethos, showing your name to the world. Therefore, it must be both recognisable and unique.
  • Colours that represent your brand- As with your website design, the logo often incorporates colours and tones that represent your brand, mirrored on the site itself.
  • Elements that paint a picture of your brand- With any brand, carefully selected elements play together to show a certain image of the business. From menus to type fonts, layout designs and added effects, each element paints a picture of what you want the audience to understand.

With dedicated, knowledgeable professionals guiding your hand, a business can build strategic brand identity through carefully selected implementation through your logo and website design.

Whether a new, growing brand or an established business which needs a revitalised online strategy, it is a worthwhile investment to make. Contact The Weblab today to see how a digital marketing company can help you.