Designing your own logo

Designing your own logo

Designing your own logo and starting a business can be tough work. Once you’ve gotten all of the paperwork out of the way, you will need a logo. Your logo must be unique and symbolize your company. Finding the right font for your logo is essential. The font must be easily readable on any support whether it be printed or web products. Using an icon isn’t mandatory, but if you choose to use one, it has be sleek and minimalistic. Choosing the right blend of colors is very important. The colors have to be coherent with your business domain. Check How To Select The Right Colours For Your Logo

Finding the right people to design your logo is crucial! You can either contact a web agency that will take the time to analyze the project with you and design a custom logo for your business. Or you can design your logo yourself online! There are just a handful of descent online logo services on the web… One that comes to mind and that has managed to make a name for themselves is www.logogenie.net If you don’t have the budget to design a custom logo, try out their online logo maker. The tools  are very user friendly and intuitive. Simply enter your company name and slogan and let the logo maker do the work for you!

How much is a logo worth? It’s really hard to tell. Most web agencies will charge you anywhere between R2000 and R10 000. If you look at Nike for example, you’d expect their logo to have cost them millions but ironically, the truth is their logo only cost them around R400 and was designed by an internee. The moral of the story is that the price of a logo is completely subjective. Just because you paid R10 000 for a logo design doesn’t mean that you’re going to get a perfectly adapted logo to your company. It all comes down to the people you work with. Finding the right professionals is essential whether you design your logo with a web agency or a do it yourself logo design site. Your logo must reflect your company’s industry and practice ethics.

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