How to create an effective landing page?

You may have an amazing product or an unbelievable service, but without a good landing page, no one’s going to be interested in what you have to offer.

Landing pages need to make a good first impression in order to keep viewers on the site, and the longer viewers are on the site the better, as they are more likely to purchase something or become interested or involved with the company in some way.

What does a Good landing page look like?

Well, as you’d probably guess:  a variety of factors.

In this article, we have a look at some of the most important aspects that make up an impressive landing page.

Attention-grabbing text

The text is vital- and especially the text that viewers would see first. The heading and the subheading need to be big enough to read at a glance. If they’re interesting enough, people will keep reading, so make sure the rest of the text is worth their time too. It pays to get a professional content writer to weave your words together. If your target market includes a variety of nationalities, you may want to enable a translation app on the site too.

Eye-catching imagery

The imagery, colour scheme and general aesthetic appeal of the landing page needs to invoke intrigue. Free stock photos have their place in the world but professional photographs and custom illustrations go a long way in impressing your audience.


The page should function well, links should work and the page should be easily scrollable. The landing page should also be accessible from a range of mobile devices and the page should be completely mobile friendly. If the site is glitchy, you can almost guarantee that potential clients will leave your site in a heartbeat, in the search for a better one.

A clear purpose

The purpose of the landing page should be clear at first sight. Immediately viewers should know if they’re on a recipe blog site or on the site of an accounting firm. The reasoning behind the page’s existence should be sound, believable, and inviting. The purpose should be made clear from the heading but be backed up by the imagery and content.

Call to action

CTAs are incredibly important. It doesn’t always have to be a purchase or subscription, it could be as simple as clicking on another tab on the site. Anything that calls for further interest, where viewers are responding, is a good sign. Make CTAs appealing by creating bold, clear links to special offers, blogs, and other interesting articles on the site.

Your landing page may be the very first contact that a client has with your business, so it’s best to take the opportunity to make a good first impression. The Welab offers web design packages that ensure that clients get only the most optimal landing pages that promote their businesses in the best possible ways.