Cracking the Google My Business Code: Tips to Get Found on Google

You’ve got a website, and you’ve got a product or service, but do you have the visibility you need to reach your target customers? If not, it may be time to take a look at Google My Business. With the right approach and strategy, your business can be found by potential customers with relative ease.

Let’s take a look at some tips for improving your visibility on Google.

Claim Your Listing First and Foremost

Before you can begin optimizing your Google My Business listing, you must first claim it. This can easily be done by entering your business name into the search bar of Google — if you already have a listing created, then all that is left is verifying that it belongs to you.

Once verified, the hard work begins.

Fill Out Your Profile Completely and Accurately

This means filling out every field with as much detail as possible so that customers have an accurate idea of what your business offers before they even visit your website or store.

Be sure to include information such as services offered, location information (if applicable), hours of operation, and contact details (such as phone number).

Additionally, don’t forget about adding images! Studies show that posts with images are much more likely to attract attention than those without.

Pro tip: Ensure that you use your SEO keywords in your descriptions to help Google understand what your business is about.

Add Reviews & Ratings

Reviews are essential when it comes to building trust with customers and increasing visibility on Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

Encourage current customers and clients to leave reviews so that potential customers can get an idea of how others feel about your business.

Reviews also help increase your ranking on SERP since Google takes them into account when rating businesses accordingly.

We hope these tips will help boost your visibility on Google My Business and give potential customers an easier way of finding out about what products or services you offer.

Taking advantage of this free resource is easy once you understand how it works—so why not start today? With a bit of effort and know-how, your small business could soon be reaching new heights online! Good luck!