SEO and why you should invest in it for your business.

If you have a business website, then you’ve probably heard of SEO. But do you understand what it is and why you should invest in it? Many local businesses think of SEO as the domain of big brands and that it’s all about getting and staying on Google’s front page. The truth is that SEO is for all sizes of businesses and it involves so much more than just ranking online.

Over half of all South African internet users regularly search for products or services online. A third will end up making a purchase online or will visit a store to purchase based on what they find. This means that when people are online and looking for something that you offer, it’s up to you (using SEO) to make sure your business is a top choice.

SEO won’t increase your traffic by 100% nor double your sales or get you on Google’s first page overnight, and any SEO specialist who promises you this is lying. What it will do, over time, is use dozens of proven techniques to boost your business’s online standing and position. The benefits of SEO go far beyond ranking well. The right SEO approach can lead to increased traffic, leads and even sales.

So why is it something worth investing in? Consider this analogy.

Imagine if you decided you wanted to run the Comrades Marathon. Would you do nothing until the day and pitch up at the starting line with no training or preparation? Of course not! You would (hopefully) consult a trainer who would measure your current fitness levels and then give you recommendations on everything from your diet to how often you should train and what kind of running shoes you should wear. You would also have to integrate these recommendations consistently for an extended period of time to experience results.

Preparing for a marathon is a lot like SEO, and that’s why you should invest in it. Sure it takes time and money and effort, but if followed properly, your business could end up winning the online race to become the business of choice for customers in your area in a way that would not be achievable otherwise.

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