Brand Building Through Story Telling

For centuries, storytelling has been a massive part of human culture. People love to get lost in a story, hence why the entertainment industry has continued to grow exponentially with the help of brand building and SEO services.

Your brand can benefit immensely from telling imaginative and engaging brand stories through promo videos, email marketing and other mediums.

And no, you don’t need to be a wordsmith or have a silver tongue to succeed in creating brand stories. In this article, we’ll look at some of the simple brand building tips in which you can make your brand come to life through the art of storytelling.

The Customer Should be The Hero of the Story

No matter what sort of brand story you decide to tell, the customer should always be front and centre! Involve your customer as much as possible. You can do this by speaking directly to the customer themselves, by using words such as ‘you’ and ‘yours’, or you can create a main character that would be highly relatable to your target audience.

A good example of a brand story where the customer is made the hero is with this video we created.

Let the Customer Believe that their Chance of Survival is Better with Your Brand

Create a story in which the customer/main character’s chance of survival becomes far better when they come across your brand. And by surviving, we don’t mean merely staying alive…in today’s day and age people need a lot more than food, water and shelter. We need to look at core human wants, such as:

  • Living abundantly
  • Love and Romance
  • Fame and Fortune
  • Happiness

If you can fulfil these wants with your product, ensure that you make it a key part of your brand story.

Keep it Concise

You don’t have time to create a Tolkien-esque trilogy, and most viewers/readers do not have very long attention spans anyway. Tell a story, but keep it concise and punchy with unforgettable one-liners. A good way to hold an audience’s attention is to use fewer words and stronger verbs.

Clear Call to Action

After your wonderful brand story has come to an end, don’t leave your audience wondering what their next step should be. The call to action should always be big, bold and unmissable. Whether it’s a ‘BUY NOW’ button or a link to your website, make sure the viewer feels compelled to click. After all, you didn’t tell your story for nothing.

Offer Free Information

Giving your audience free information shows them that you care about them, and adds value to your brand. Offering info also sets you apart as an industry professional. So try and weave valuable information and lessons into your brand story, there may be someone out there that really needs to hear them!

Keep it Consistent

One of the most important factors in digital marketing is CONSISTENCY. When scrolling through Instagram, you should be able to immediately recognise a brand by the first glance of a post…and the same goes for brand stories.

While you may create multiple stories for different platforms, and in different mediums, in each story your brand’s message should be consistent. A good place to start is by using your company’s mission statement, as well as your company logo and colour scheme, as a central point.

Assess Your Writing Skills

You may be a great business owner with amazing ideas, but putting concepts into words may not really be your strong point…

If you struggle with writing clear, concise sentences with perfect grammar, you may need the help of a copywriter. A copywriter can assist you in getting your brand’s message across in the most engaging way possible.

Overall, when it comes to any text…less is more.

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