Answer these 5 questions before starting your website design project.

Many clients come to us and are super excited to get started on their website design projects. However they have not taken the time and or asked the right questions to start off on the right foot. This small article will help you understand what any website designer will need in order to get started on the right foot with your website design project.

Lets get started with the questions you need to ask yourself.

Do I have a professionally designed logo?

Do you have a professionally designed logo? If your answer is no, then we would highly suggest that you look at investing in getting a decent logo designed for your business. Having a professionally designed logo will give your brand purpose, and will make our job a lot easier to get a website design that meets your brand guidelines and that is uniform across all your branding efforts. You can talk to us if you do not have one designed as yet.

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Do I know what my business is about? From an outsiders point of view?

This may sound silly, but have you actually sat down and tried to look at your business from the outside? What do people think you do as apposed to what you actually do? What services do you want to promote? How can these services be explained to a total outsider that is not used to your terminology and detailed terminology?

You have to try look at your business from a users perspective. Do they know what you are talking about in your content? Or are you writing your content based on someone who totally understands what your services and products are about? Don’t assume people know what you are talking about, in order to be user friendly, you must use simple English to explain what you do, and know what you want to promote.

What is the end goal of my website?

What do you want people to do when they land on your website? Do you want them to get in touch with you to discuss things in more detail? Is your goal to capture as many leads as possible? Do you want to promote a specific product or service? There is a purpose for every website design, ultimately its to make money in some way or another, or to share information in order to make money down the line. Keep this in mind, you have to know more or less what your end goals are, we will assist with making the website achieve those goals.

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Do you have any content that we can make use of?

Ideally we would like our clients to bring us some form of content for their website design project. Whether it be a company profile, or some content you have written to try explain what you are all about. You may want to consider investing in getting your content reviewed and optimized for use on the website. We offer content writing services and can add this onto your package if need be. The more engaging your content is the more likely someone will be driven to contact you. You can have action specific content, maybe some sales content is required in order to try close more deals? Maybe you just need well written optimized content in order to rank on Google, we can assist you with this stage, but the initial content is required in order to move forward.

Do you want to rank in Google?

Now you may think that most people do want to rank in Google. But some of our clients actually don’t want to focus on their Google rankings and online marketing, as that is not part of their marketing strategy. They just want some credibility, and want people to get basic information like contact details and or office locations among other basic information. You need to ask yourself if online marketing is going to be part of your marketing strategy…. In my opinion every website should invest in some sort of online promotion, otherwise what is the point? This is however an additional service that should be considered in your budget. But do note that this is an important question that should have an answer, so that we can provide you with the necessary products and services to get you ranking online.