5 Top Logo Design Tips for 2016.

When you are building a brand, there’s almost nothing as important as your company logo. Nobody wants a logo that looks as if it was generated by an average logo maker, so here are a few top tips for getting a great logo designed in 2016.

There are so many techniques to use when it comes to a logo design, and every designer has his or her own methods. But not all of these are always equally effective – if you want your logo to stand out, keep an eye on these great tips that can help you to design the perfect logo.

Be Authentic

Old-school logos or vintage designs may seem perfect for small businesses, but the trend can be kept alive and authentic. With a myriad of tools available to you, you can keep this age-old design method current and put a new twist on a traditional design. It remains highly popular and audiences associate with this – it doesn’t have to be complicated, you can use a minimal design with a modern twist.

Use Minimalism

Minimal or flat designs are not dead. It can be used in new ways to allow for a creative and innovative design. In 2016, designers will continue to push the boundaries with flat designs, and creative logo designs that test the boundaries between recognizable and abstract.

Background Textures

We’ve recently seen the use of backgrounds, specifically photographic textures. This is a great way to add detail to a minimal design, making it eye-catching and recognizable. This set of textures is easily changeable, and it’s something that is gaining popularity.

Audience Appeal

Whether it’s writing, art or design, you should be flexible and adapt to a specific audience. In some cases, even multiple audiences. You need to be dynamic with your logo design, to leave room for improvement or innovation in the future. Some companies expect their logo to appeal to a variety of audiences, which is why it’s important not to be rigid with your design.

Tell a Story

Every logo should have a story to tell. It should not simply be a design that looks good on paper. Reveal a deeper meaning, like many popular logos, do. Take a look at Toyota’s logo – each shape and line tell a story. The centre ovals overlap and represent the trust and faith that exist between the company and its customers. The outer circle represents the company’s global plans for expansion.

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