Why is my website not getting me leads?

Firstly I just want to state that these 4 reasons are from personal experience and are just to be used as guidelines for you to make use of.

Why is my website not getting me leads….? This is a question I hear a lot, below are some reasons why.

You expect too much

Yay! So now you have invested some money into getting your business a nice professional website, hopefully you made use of us 🙂

However, a pretty website with 5 pages of content is simply not going to get you these magical leads. Just because you have invested in a website doesn’t mean that the world is going to come knocking on your doors to buy your products and services, it just does not work like that, unless you are one of the very few business’s that have no competition online.

In today’s world you need to have a website to educate your customers, to promote legitimacy and for contact information, this is the bare minimum your website should do. But you have competitors online, and they have more information than you, and they have invested in some SEO (search engine optimisation, read more on seo here)  and they are ranking because of their efforts and cash investments.

Don’t expect the world from your website initially, your website is your first step in the right direction, but its not the be all and end all of the journey.

You are cheap

Oh no he never!!! Oh yes I did! This is the second reason why you will not get leads from your website.

You are willing to spend R6000pm on a car that just costs you money, but don’t you dare ask me to spend that amount on online marketing! I would rather sink my money into everything else that doesn’t benefit my business or return any returns because I need the latest Iphone man, that is way more important to me and my business.

Snap out of it! If you want to make money online you are going to have to either invest a sh*t load of time learning how to get leads for your website, or you are going to have to pay someone who knows how to do it for you. You just need to weigh up your options and decide if your time is worth the investment, or if you are going to open your wallet for someone else with the right expertise to get the job done.

Online marketing can be the cheapest and have the highest returns on investment out of all your other marketing efforts…..And its measurable!

You are lazy

Oops, I did it again…..

Ok, so you have decided its time to invest in some online marketing, time to get dem leads! Great stuff! But now you think all the work falls onto your online marketing team solely. Your marketing team will come up with proposals, request further info, and god forbid you will also need to do some work on your end, for us to keep costs down for you.

There is no such thing as, “I paid you to do this, why must I give you input, you are supposed to be the professionals”…. It does not work like that, unfortunately you will need to get some work done on your end too. So be open to the fact that this is a team effort, and most of the mundane work is being done for you already.

Your online marketing team is ripping you off

Ok, so you have invested some money, but there are still no leads coming through…. Firstly there are ALOT of factors that could be the cause of this….I have listed a couple below.

  1. Maybe your budget is too small for your competitive market and you are just not getting the reach you need.
  2. You need to give it some time first, not all forms of online marketing have immediate results.
  3. Your team doesn’t have enough experience to pull it off for you.
  4. You went with the cheapest option, and the package is not aggressive enough for your industry?
  5. You have hired a bunch of idiots that do nothing for you, and don’t send you reports on updates etc.

Please do your homework, do they rank for their own services? Are they over promising? If a company says that they can guarantee you page one rankings, please politely tell them where the door is… No online marketing company can guarantee you page one rankings for natural rankings on Google.

Wrapping up

Always remember that your website is like a flyer, a flyer that sits on your desk is useless unless you hand it out to people, the same goes for your website. Although your website is very important and is the first step before you can market online its not the be all and end all of your online efforts to get leads. Once your website is designed you need to “hand it out” to people that are looking for your business, once they land on your website, then your website should be your sales person and close that deal and or provide you with a lead.

Don’t skimp on your business online, it will cost you more money in the long run, just like most things in life. So invest some cash, and start enjoying the huge potential that is online, waiting for you to take advantage of. Learn about online marketing, and assist yourself where you can if you are on a tight budget. Be prepared to do some work, and the rewards will be great!

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