Why is my website not getting me leads?

These 4 reasons are from personal experience and are to be used as a guideline.

Why is my website not getting me leads….? This is a question I hear a lot, below are some of the possible reasons why.

You expect too much from your website.

So you have invested some money into getting your business a nice professional website, hopefully you made use of us 🙂

However, a pretty website with 5 pages of content is simply not going to get you these magical leads. Just because you have invested in a website doesn’t mean that the world is going to come knocking on your door to buy your products and services, it does not work like that.

In today’s world you need to have a website to educate your customers, to promote legitimacy and for contact information, this is the bare minimum your website should do for your business.

But you have competitors online, and they have more information than you do, and they have maybe invested in some SEO (search engine optimisation, read more on seo here)  and they are ranking on Google because of their SEO efforts.

Don’t expect the world from your website initially, your website is your first step in the right direction, but its not the be all and end all of the journey.

It is simply the start.

Are you cheap?

It has to be said… This is the second reason why you will not get leads from your website.

If you are looking to generate leads and sales from your website, then unfortunately you are going to have to invest in it, just like any form of marketing.

To be found on Google you have to invest some cash to get your website ranking, this could be done through SEO efforts, Google Ads or Social Media Marketing. 

At the end of the day, if you are not actively working on some if not all of these elements to drive traffic to your website, then you cant expect to get leads.

So how much should you invest?

The question should rather be, how much do you want to make?

As a rule of thumb, you should spend 10% of what you want to make on your marketing efforts.

So…If you want to make a million rand is sales, then expect to spend no less than R100k trying to reach that goal.

Are you lazy?

So you have decided that it is time to invest in your business and its time to do some online marketing!

Time to get those hot leads!

Now you expect results from your team of marketing professionals fast!

Sorry, I am going to burst your bubble again!…

Although your marketing team should be working closely with you to get you the results you expect, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done on your end.

You will need to approve copy, designs, strategies, budgets and much more!

Please make yourself available to your marketing team, they are simply trying to help you see growth in your business.

If you are too busy, then place someone in charge from your company that has a dep understanding of your business so they can get things actioned on your behalf.

Please don’t be lazy and simply not respond to your marketing team, or treat their needs as secondary to your other responsibilities.  

At the end of the day they are trying to help you grow your business, so treat the tasks at hand as important as closing the next sale for your business.

The longer you take to revert and supply feedback and approve things, the longer it takes to get the results you hired them to do.

Is your online marketing team is ripping you off?

Ok, so you have invested some money, but there are still no leads coming through…. Firstly there are ALOT of factors that could be the cause of this….I have listed a couple below.

  1. Maybe your budget is too small for your competitive market and you are just not getting the reach you need to be competitive.
  2. You need to give it some time first, not all forms of online marketing have immediate results.
  3. Your team doesn’t have enough experience to pull it off for you.
  4. You went with the cheapest option, and the package is not aggressive enough for your industry.
  5. You have hired a bunch of idiots that do nothing for you, and don’t send you reports on progress or results.

Do your homework, do the company you want to use rank on Google for their own services? 

Do they have references you can call?

How long have they been around? Do they have testimonials?

Wrapping up

Always remember that your website is like a flyer, a flyer that sits on your desk is useless unless you hand it out to people, the same goes for your website. 

Although your website is very important and is the first step before you can market online it’s not the be all and end all of your online efforts to get leads. 

Once your website is designed you need to “hand it out” to people that are looking for your business, once they land on your website, then your website should be your sales person and close that deal and or provide you with a lead.

Don’t skimp on your business online, it will cost you more money in the long run, just like most things in life. 

So invest some cash, and start enjoying the huge potential that is online, waiting for you to take advantage of. 

Learn about online marketing, and assist yourself where you can if you are on a tight budget. Be prepared to do some work, and the rewards will be great!