5 Benefits of a Custom Logo Design

What makes a great logo?

A great logo should be memorable and create an impact!

Your logo is at the epicentre of your brand identity and design aesthetic. It needs to be perfect!

At The Weblab, we ensure that all of our custom logo’s are professional, simple, and bold. We take pride in our work and want potential customers to remember your logo and your brand.

Just think about all the places that your logo may appear: business cards; your website; your social media pages; pamphlets; banners and posters to name a few. You definitely don’t want to be cringing every time you see your logo, and that’s why you should be investing in a quality logo design agency in Durban.

Let’s see 5 reasons why you should want a custom logo design over something whipped together by a computer in 2 seconds, with no thought behind it.

1. It will separate you from the competition.

Imagine opening the phone book and seeing 5 options for the same service. The company that looks like it is the most reliable will most often be the company called. Having a well-designed logo will give you an advantage over your competition and allow you to compete as a business. Consider the companies that are in your industry. You want to look like you belong but you also want to look like the better option. If you have a logo design compare it to the best companies in your industry and see where it stands. If you don’t have a logo design take a look at the potential competition and you will instantly be able to rank them based on their brand imagery. Try this with other industries you are unfamiliar with.

2. It can illustrate your brand values.

The last point already illustrated the power of perception. A custom logo design will allow you to consider not only what you want your logo design to look like but what you want to be branded as. Consider three words that describe how you want your company to be perceived. Consider words like innovative, established, luxury, bargain, you get the idea. These words should be the bases of the message that your logo imagery conveys (even if it is just a typeface).

This logo we did for Forest Manor shows that they are professional as well show that nature is a big part of their brand.

forest manor logo design durban

3. Have access to all of the design files you need.

Typically logos are designed with one need in mind. Maybe you need a business card or a sign.
Chances are that this is just the beginning of the places that your logo will end up. Having a custom logo design will mean that you are provided with all of the design files that you need to print big or small, full colour or black and white. Make sure that your logo looks nice on the side of a pen and on a billboard. You never know where your logo will end up in the future.

4. It will represent your business for the next 5+ years.

Every successful business invests money into marketing their business. Consider the potential that a custom logo design can have on that investment. Making sure that your company logo is designed to represent where you will be in 5, 10, or 20 years will create a look that lasts. A logo that follows trends can imply that your business is only here for a season and will be gone soon.

5. Works for your target audience.

When you develop a custom logo design, it is important to know how your logo will be perceived by the people who will be making decisions about your product or service. Make sure to have a few of your colleagues and close business partners take a look at the design. Also ask people from the specific demographic you are targeting for there opinion. It will be insightful to hear there responses.

And there you have it 5 simple reasons why a custom logo is the best choice for your business!

Does your current logo need a makeover? Or perhaps you need a logo designed for a brand new business? Either way, The Weblab is here to create a memorable logo that acts as a good representation of your brand! Call us today to start designing your logo with our professional logo design firm today! Or schedule a free strategy call with our Digital Marketing consultants to see what more we can do for you now!