4 Remarketing Campaigns you need to start running today!

Ready to reach those that you’ve already reached? Get them to revisit or try again? Then you need to look at remarketing…

What is remarketing?

Well another word that could be used for remarketing is retargeting.

Basically, remarketing campaigns or ads are specially targeted at those people that have already fulfilled a specific function on your website. It can be super simple, like simply visiting the website, and it gets more complicated the more specific the action is ie. Clicking on a specific product, or button.

The aim of remarketing is to get into the minds of those users, potential customers, or even previous customers again.

We’ll let you in on a little secret, users don’t usually convert the first time the visit a website. I’ll repeat that. Your potential customers don’t usually buy something or seek your service the first time around, they usually think about it but most of the time don’t take action.

There are studies that show people that convert usually have 8 touch points with your brand before they convert. What do I mean by that?

Let’s say a person Google’s for a service that you offer and they see your ad on Google and they click it and visit your website. That counts as 1 touch point. We can then track them and remarket to them with adverts that may interest them, or discounts etc. This will create further engagement and further “touch point” with your brand.

Besides online ads this could come in the form of emails, phone calls and many other forms of advertising like print and radio etc.

The hard part about marketing is already done with remarketing since you already know who your audience is! So why not leap into targeting them directly!

Here we reveal 4 remarketing Google ads campaigns your company should always be running, to reach those golden customers again and again! We also have a past blog on how Facebook retargeting works should you want to jump over and read that.

1. Basic Google Display Network Remarketing

The Google display network is flourishing at the moment and it’s definitely somewhere you want to be. Here is an example of our display ad on the right on Entrepreneur’s website:

According to Neil Patel, Google’s Display network reaches around 9 out of 10 customers you target across the web, that’s 90% of your audience that you’ll have access to!

It’s cheap too with similar conversions being about 2% cost-per-lead on the display network!

How to set up Google Remarketing Display Ads?

  • To set up your basic remarketing campaign go to your google ads account » click all campaigns » campaigns » click blue plus sign » new campaign » display network » select a goal

*Pro Tip* Remarketing is centered around building brand awareness (goal) and consideration (goal) BUT you also want them to complete an action such as purchase a product, sign up for emails ie. Drive action (goal). It’s different for every business, it all depends on what you want the user to do.

  • Next you can fill in location, bidding, and audience

Your audience is the defining point of your remarketing display campaign. For a simple remarketing campaign, you will target all website visitors over a specific timeframe ie. 30 days.

To create your audience, go to tools and settings » audience manager » audience lists » click blue plus sign » click website visitors

And voila! You have your first Google remarketing audience. You can easily create other specific audiences too such as, those that have visited a specific page:

You would then just select the audience you made from the list of audiences while creating your Google display remarketing campaign.

2. Sequential Remarketing (funnel remarketing)

This remarketing campaign looks at approaching people at the various points of their buyer’s journey (the active process a user takes that leads to a purchase in the end). Similar to how email marketing nurtures users towards an end goal so does sequential remarketing.

The right offer

Remarketing is important here as you want to present the right offer to the person depending on how far along they are in the process ie. If a person is in the buying stage you don’t want to be offering valuable content anymore, but rather a discount on the product they’re interested in.

You can target these specific audiences on Facebook or Google ads by using the right website pages. This means you can target users that have visited a specific page on your website according to what those pages mean on their buyer’s journey.

What to offer and when?

What some pages may mean along the buyer’s journey and what you should offer solely depends on the type of business you are but here are some common ones:

Latest blog page » target them with a lead magnet eg. eBooks, infographics, checklists and more.

Product page » case studies; discounts

Utilising this kind of remarketing will definitely increase your conversions and decrease how much each of them cost.

*Pro tip* Checkout Hubspot’s interesting guide to the various buyer stages and what you need to know. Uhuru also gives an excellent in-depth article looking at the 3 stages of the buyer’s journey and what content to create for each.

3. Upselling Remarketing

Klientboost says it well when they deemed “a buyer, is a buyer, is a buyer”

This type of remarketing is probably the simplest to target as it remarkets to those that have already bought a product/ service of yours.

Now this won’t work for every business but when it works, it works! This is because you do not need to nurture or educate this customer again as they have already gone through the entire buyer’s journey and trusted you enough to buy in the first place!

This remarketing campaign is all about maintaining loyal customers, by rewarding them for buying from you again and again or reminding them about how good your product/ service was the first time.

Cotton On, the clothing company, does this well through email marketing! Just take a look:

Check out all those sales directed at me in just 5 days, its bound to get some reactions! Using this remarketing campaign, companies also tend to upsell you on a previous product you bought ie. Newest camera, phone etc. Cotton on does this by selling ‘new’ specific products:

You can use the same techniques with remarketing to this audience too.

The important aspect about this remarketing campaign is to create and maintain loyal customers, so give them a treat every once and a while and they’ll remember you for it in the future when they need your services again.

4. The Super Refined Remarketing Campaign (Facebook Remarketing)

As we’ve said before remarketing is great. It gives you another shot at landing a potential customer who landed on your website. They are also more educated so they’re quicker to convert and it allows for past customers to test out their loyalty and buy from you again.


Remarketing can only go so far

Sometimes a person can visit your website 100 times and never aim to buy something.

Here’s an example: I may visit an expensive jewelry website and admire the necklaces and rings with no intention of ever buying anything. And this happens often!

Therefore, you need a remarketing campaign that steps it up a level and targets your best possible users. And luckily, we already have a super simple answer…

*Cue Facebook Remarketing*

The Google Display Network and Facebook are the two best places for remarketing as they offer the greatest reach with Facebook having over 2.6 Billion active users.

The great thing about Facebook is how targeted it can go to reach all its active users directly on their feed and here’s how…

How to set up a super-targeted Facebook Remarketing campaigns

  • Open up your Facebook Business Manager » Audiences » Custom Audience » website traffic » all website visitors in the last 30 days » select create an ad using the audience » select your marketing objective (we chose conversions) » make sure your custom audience you just created is selected » select detailed targeting.

Here under detailed targeting is where you’re going to aim for your target audience. Therefore, look at age, gender, location, interests, jobs, behaviours, and you can select things that suggest they are wealthy (or in the income bracket you are targeting) ie. Homeowner, business owner etc.

Unfortunately, in SA we can’t target a person’s direct income, but we can work around that.

*Pro Tip* Click on suggestions to find more things to target. You can even exclude people from the list such as, competitors in your field ie. Jeweler (if you’re selling jewelry).

And voila, you have a much more refined remarketing campaign!

By exploring some of our remarketing tips and tricks we aim to show you how important remarketing campaigns are and how easy they are to set up and explore. Need more help with your online marketing strategy? Have a chat with us today with our free 30 minute strategy consultation. Let us help grow your business through digital marketing this year.

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