4 E-Commerce Sales Strategies That’ll Leave Your Virtual Shelves Empty

Are you struggling to grow your e-commerce business? When it comes to having a profitable online store, you’re going to need more than just generating truckloads of traffic. Sure, you may get boatloads of visitors peeking at your store every month. But without an airtight sales strategy to make your store more compelling, you’ll end up staring at a bunch of zeros in your sales reports.

Are you struggling with the same thing right now? If you answered with a “yes,” then allow us to share with you a handy list tried and tested sales strategy for e-commerce web design that can get your products flying off your virtual shelves.


#1. Prioritize Convenience in the Checkout Experience

Let’s get one thing straight: an e-commerce website lives and dies by the kind of user experience it creates. You may have a stellar product that can solve your customers’ problems. But if the journey of acquiring it is tedious, chances are your prospective customers would look for alternatives real quick. 

Many Payment Options

Making sure you support as many payment options as possible is a step in the right direction. Just imagine the frustration of customers who fill up their shopping carts with glee — only to find out that you don’t accept payments from their preferred credit cards.

Show them off

Since they’re already in a shopping mood, they’d probably turn to a competing brand and never look back.  If you do, however, support a ton of payment options, then be sure to showcase them right off the bat. Not only will it encourage customers with access to these methods, but it’ll also save the time of those who don’t.


The lack of sufficient payment options is only one of the many bottlenecks you need to deal with in your online store. Remember that simplicity is key. If you want to encourage more customers to push through with a purchase, avoid unnecessary friction in the sales process — from mandatory registrations to excessive CAPTCHA.

#2. Target Buyer Keywords for PPC and SEO

In the e-commerce industry, marketing and sales go hand in hand. You can’t expect your sales team to close transactions if your marketing front keeps pumping in unqualified leads. 

High volume, little sales

A clear sign that you’re suffering from this issue is a high volume of traffic that doesn’t translate to sales. As a remedy, it’s best to start with the keywords you use in your PPC and SEO campaigns. 

Look at Buyer intent

Remember, keywords help users find the right pages they need on the web. They also reflect the intent that each user has prior to their search, be it about research, navigation, or shopping. The good news is, it’s easy to identify the intent behind keywords through simple observation.

For example, a keyword that contains the terms “buy,” “order,” or “price” is often used by people who are looking for products to buy.  A tool like Ubersuggest will help you discover these keywords. All you have to do is create filters with the right commercial terms and refresh the results. For example, here’s how you can find profitable variations of the keyword “men’s boots” with the filter “sale.”

Long-tail keywords like the examples above also tend to have lower competitiveness than broad search terms. This what makes them ideal targets for an e-commerce, SEO or PPC campaign.

#3. Promote Your Brand on Q&A Sites

It’s safe to assume that this isn’t the first e-commerce strategy guide you’ve read online. At this point, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about the importance of content in terms of sales. Not only will it improve your website’s rank worthiness, but authoritative content will also help you build buyer confidence. What you more likely haven’t done yet, however, is to promote your content on Q&A websites like Quora to draw in the right crowd. It’s not rocket science: Q&A websites are where prospective buyers try to look for solutions to their problems. With the right keyword, it shouldn’t be hard to find posts that could help you promote your brand to your ideal audience.

Of course, you shouldn’t go overboard and blatantly promote your products to Quora users. What you need to do is to casually slide in a link to your product pages within a comprehensive, insight-packed response to their questions. 

Better yet, link to an informative blog post without directly promoting your products. Doing so is a great way to win the trust of potential customers who happen to come by your Quora answer.

#4. Use Email Automation

Another way to promote your brand to the right people is to develop a lead generation strategy with email marketing at its core. A typical email marketing campaign aims to distribute high-quality content to customers who are already familiar with your brand. Of course, you can also promote special offers or new products this way.

But if you really want to reap the full benefits of email marketing, then you need to throw a bit of automation into the mix. Put simply, email automation lets you create targeted emails that automatically send once specific conditions are met.

Automated email opportunities

One example is an abandoned cart email that automatically sends whenever customers leave items in their shopping cart — conveniently bringing them right where they left off. This will allow you to recover lost sales while providing a more memorable checkout experience. Other automated email opportunities include birthday promotions, Black Friday discounts, and upselling offers. While it may sound complicated, email automation is actually incredibly easy with the right email marketing platform.

Even a free one like MailChimp should be more than capable of making this process a breeze. Just select the right automation workflow template and use the drag-and-drop editor to design your email.


Although the eCommerce strategies above guarantee results, that doesn’t mean they can work overnight.

Realistically speaking, it may take days or even weeks of fine-tuning and improving your approach before you can formulate strategies that work for you. That being said, be patient and learn to use your results — positive or negative — as stepping stones to a successful e-commerce business through e-commerce web design.

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