200+ Negative Keywords to Consider for B2B PPC

What are negative keywords?

Every PPC Advertiser should be using negative keywords in their pay-per-click ads. These keywords prevent your ads from showing up in any search inquiries that include them. It will help you limit ads from showing in irrelevant search inquiries that will not reward you with any clicks or conversions.

Negative keywords prevent your Google ads from showing up with inquiries that include the negative keywords that you have added to your campaigns. By adding negative keywords, you save on wasted clicks. 

Your negative keyword list should include all of the keywords that you don’t want your ads to show results by adding the last phrase as a negative keyword to your campaign. You could prevent your Google ad from appearing when users searched for that specific phrase.

When creating a paid search or shopping ad campaign, many advertisers research a list of keywords for targeting ads. It is essential when creating effective ad campaigns.

why do we need negative keywords?

When you add your keywords into your ad groups for the campaign, Google’s default setting is their broad match keyword type. It means that Google will try to match your ad with as many relevant searches as possible. It can result in placements that weren’t using anything close to your keyword. It’s why you’ll sometimes see ads that don’t seem to match your search result much at all. 

Negative keywords help your Google campaigns to focus on what your audience needs. They also help to achieve effective ad targeting.

how to prevent your ads from showing up for specific search inquiries

It is necessary to carefully plan your campaigns and add the relevant keywords to ensure that you receive the best results. Do extensive keyword research that is applicable and is most likely to be used by users when inquiring about services.

Here are some advantages of using negative keywords that you can consider for your next campaign:

  • Negative keywords ensure that your Google ads do not show up for a keyword when users are searching
  • They can increase traffic and direct your web traffic to the relevant landing page
  • It will save you money on Goole ad budget
  • You can expect improvement in ROI
  • Your overall click-through rate will increase 
  • Increase in keyword quality score
  • Negative keywords help you refine your Google ad groups to become more keyword-focused

For example, if you would like to prevent your ads from showing up in search results for jobs or recruitment inquiries, you may want to consider adding the below list of keywords to your Google ad campaigns. 

  • Career
  • Careers
  • Jobs
  • Job
  • Recruiter
  • Recruiting
  • Intern
  • Internships
  • Interns
  • Resume
  • Resumes
  • Salary
  • Salaries
  • Employment
  • Hire
  • Hiring

We hope this article has helped you consider adding negative keywords to your campaigns to achieve the maximum goals for your pay-per-click advertising. Adding negative keywords can also help you save on wasted budget and it helps you achieve keyword-focused ads which result in good quality ads.

Download 200+ negative keywords that you should be adding to your campaigns here.