15 Headlines That Will Get You The Click

Ever wondered what makes you click on certain things? Whether it be an ad, article, video or social media post? Well, most of the time there was something in the headlines of the piece that piqued your interest and made you click.

What if I told you the opposite is true as well, just as much as people click on something because of the headline, people will also not click on something because the headline never stood out to them. This is important. If your headline isn’t standing out then you’ve lost half the battle and you haven’t even begun.

Why not start on the right foot and start writing compelling and click-worthy headlines with these easy ideas now!

What makes a great headline?


Headlines must appeal to your target audience and promise to provide value to them. It should interest them so much that they have to click to learn more.

Now to prove that these are of the best headline tricks, I’ll use my own inbox to show you how your competitors and popular brands are already using all these tips.

Let’s go!

15 headline tips that can’t stop people clicking


1. Start headlines with numbers


People LOVE lists because they like knowing what they’re going to get. They either know they’re going to get something short and impactful ie. 3 ways to fix a plug. Or they know they’re going to get some useful tidbits of information from a leading source of that niche that will summarise everything you need to know ie. 115 Logo ideas to make you stand out!

  • Top 15 Websites to find free images for content marketing
  • 25 Crucial Ways to Segment Your Email List Like a Pro
  • 7 ways to make yourself a happier person every day
  • 16+ Tips For Asking Your Customers For Reviews

2. Use “How to” headlines


People love their questions answered. As this is a common search query it’s a great idea to answer popular questions in your industry with a ‘How to’ headline.

  • How to [blank] even if [common obstacle]
  • How to get 10 000 steps every day
  • How To Win Big at Influencer Marketing: An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

how to headlines

3. Flag common mistakes


People love to know where they’re going wrong so that they can be told how to do it right.

  • 16 copywriting mistakes you’re probably making (and how to fix them)
  • 20 diet mistakes you might be making everyday
  • Are you making these 10 common Google Adwords mistakes?

mistakes headlines

4. Ask questions


Bringing out the curiosity in your users is a great way to get the click. Try make your question as interesting as possible.

  • Think you know SEO? Quiz yourself and find out!
  • How Long Should Your Business Take to Earn Revenue?
  • How Do I Monetize My Blog (Or Podcast)?


ask questions

5. Create urgency


The next thing you can bring out of people is a need to act quickly or they’re going to miss out. Creating a sense of urgency can get your users to click right then and there so they won’t miss out.

  • You’re running out of time. Act now!
  • Less than 9 hours left, don’t miss out!
  • The SALE ends at midnight!

create urgency

6. Use punctuation


This should be a no-brainer but using punctuation like exclamation marks, question marks, brackets or quotation marks, makes a headline immediately stand out.

  • The “new” way to get clients (extremely fast!)
  • Marketing Plan Template: Create your first marketing plan in 5 steps
  • What to do with your camera roll photos? [+ Examples]

use punctuation

7. Use the 5Ws


This is pretty straightforward but people like to know that their question will be answered and it brings in a sense of curiosity. Use Who, What, Where, When or Why in your headline.

  • How to get kids to eat their greens
  • Why you need to know about your tax affairs now!
  • When is the right time to grow roses?

5 ws headlines

8. The “best” headlines


Intrigue your audience by tapping into their desires and show them how you’re going to solve them! If you can deliver it well, they’ll be drawn to the click!

  • Best ways to do market research for your marketing plan
  • The 25 Best Ways To Get Fit Without Joining a Gym
  • 101 Best Ways To Help Your House Plants Flourish

9. Utilise FOMO


Make people feel like they’ll be missing out if they don’t act quickly.

  • [URGENT] You have got ONE DAY to watch this…
  • Your discounts EXPIRE SOON.
  • Your 7-figure plan goes bye-bye at midnight…


10. Name the year


People like to know that what they’re reading and spending their time on learning is up to date and new information.

  • 8 Pandemic-Proof Holiday Ad Strategies for 2021
  • 17 Little Known Email Hacks That Keep You Out of Productivity Hell in 2021
  • Top 10 latest technologies in movie making for 2021

name the year


11. Use ‘NEW’


There are certain buzz words that get people intrigued and wanting to click, one of those is ‘new’. BUT don’t overuse it, there’s only so many new things you have, so it can start becoming a blind spot to those you’re targeting if you use it too often.

  • Something Good is Coming (Hint: It’s New!)
  • New Floral Dress – An Old Favourite Given New Life!
  • New arrivals to freshen up your summer wardrobe

new headlines

12. Stay Updated


People love reading things that are relevant to them right now. You could mention the current season, public holiday or current events

  • Spring Has Sprung With Big News! – COVID-19 Weekly update
  • Upcoming events for November

stay updated

12. Have a Heart to Heart


Let your audience get to know you and share a some personal tips or information with them which builds curiosity and trust with your reader.

  • Summer Trends That We Love
  • Get To Know Me [+ My Top 10]
  • An Open Letter to Writers Struggling to Find Their Courage

heart to heart

14. This VS That


Comparing things helps your users make decisions about how they feel about the two things they’re comparing. Make sure you’re comparing relevant things that your audience will care about and which touches a pain point.

  • What is a Blog? Blog vs. Website & How Do They Work?
  • Running Versus Cross-Training: Which Is Easier?
  • Vegetarian VS meat eater: Who wins?

this vs that headlines

15. SAVE!


People love deals and there are some powerful words that immediately tap into users ‘buyer mode’. Those are words like ‘save’; ‘sale’; ‘half price’; % Off.

  • SAVE up to 30% on health essentials & get the most out of your workout!
  • Don’t miss out, enjoy up to 25% OFF selected items
  • 50% Sale! Shop While Stocks Last!

sale headlines


And there you have it. Why not try one of these headline tips today!

Unsure where to start when creating a powerful headline? Well try, try and try again! And if that doesn’t work check out CoSchedule’s ultimate blog on how to write a headline. Otherwise with our years of copywriting we can take all the effort off your plate and create clickable copy! Set up a 30 minute free consultation with us now and let’s get started!