10 Potent WordPress Marketing Tips.

WordPress has become a giant in the world of websites, with 27.5% of all sites worldwide being run on WordPress. WordPress is not just a website builder; it can be used as an extremely effective online marketing tool. Below are 10 tips on how to use WordPress to better market your site, alongside some of our favourite plugins.

Make Sure your WordPress theme is Mobile Responsive

Mobile friendly and responsive sites are pretty much essential in this day and age of billions of mobile users. Sites that aren’t mobile-friendly are going to be penalized in search results, according to a recent Google algorithm update. Luckily, mobile-friendly WordPress themes are clearly marked.

Use Faster Loading Images

When it comes to organic search rankings, Google favors sites that load faster. And nothing slows downloading speeds like large images. If you want to maintain high-quality images, it’s advantageous to use a WordPress plugin such as WP Smush Image Compression to decrease image sizes and thus speed up loading time.

Include Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets can seem daunting if you don’t have coding experience but WordPress has made adding Rich Snippets easy by using the All in One Schema Rich Snippets plugin. In a few simple steps you can increase your traffic tremendously with Rich Snippets.

Check for Broken Links

Broken links can damage your SEO ranking so it’s essential to ensure you don’t have any lingering on your site. An easy way to check if you have any broken links is to use a plugin such as Broken Link Checker.

Try out A/B Testing

A/B testing can be used to compare landing pages, and provide analytics on how well each page is doing. From there you can amalgamate the best aspects of to create a primary page. A/B testing can also be used to test blog titles (which are incredibly important) and help you decide which is a better fit for your site.

Include CTAs in all Blog Posts

Call to Actions are vital in turning a mere blog reader into a paying customer. CTAs come in all shapes and forms and should be intriguing without being too pushy.

Let your posts be Shareable

Social media can increase your traffic tremendously so it’s imperative to make sure all your posts are easily shareable. The AddtoAny Share Buttons lets viewers automatically share your content on various social media sites without having to copy and paste the URL.

Allow Comments and Interact with Those that Comment on your Posts

Comments improve organic SEO results and build a community around your site. It’s a great way for viewers to form a personal connection to your brand.

Focus on SEO in every blog post

While it is important to keep blog posts sounding as natural as possible, it’s vital to focus on SEO to optimise your online marketing. Strategic areas to focus on are titles, keywords, meta descriptions.

Declutter Old Content

Over the years, content can build up that is no longer relevant. Declutter your site by deleting posts that no longer serve a purpose and update info and stats that may have changed. WordPress has a great widget called ‘Recent Posts’ that works great to show recently updated posts.

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